EXCLUSIVE: 'Shahs' Star Reza Farahan Ditches the Drama for House-Hunting Fun in New Show 'Yours, Mine or Ours'

The Bravo series premieres on Monday night.

Reza Farahan is ditching the drama of Shahs of Sunset for a little fun in the world of real estate on his new series, Yours, Mine or Ours. It’s everything you want from an HGTV show, but with a Bravo twist.

“It's basically the best version of a house-hunting show out there in the world,” Reza tells ET. “Period.”

Each episode follows Reza and his co-host, designer Taylor Spellman, as they work to overcome a couple’s real estate roadblocks.

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“The show is basically two people, each of whom own homes and they're at a crossroads,” Reza explains. “They're moving in with one another, neither home works perfectly. So, they have to figure out, do they remodel yours? Do they remodel mine? Or, do they do buy one that I show them, which will be ours?”

Filming the series took Reza and Taylor all over the country, which might just be his favorite aspect of the show.

“As a realtor, someone who's been doing this for 15 years, I work in the best city in the world, in Beverly Hills,” Reza says. “But I'm geographically landlocked! And this show has afforded me to help people all across the country, and travel, which is amazing.”

Reza even admits he enjoyed working on Yours, Mine or Ours more than Shahs!

“You know, they're completely different,” he confesses. “I fell in love with shooting Yours, Mine or Ours because it's just amazing the whole time. I'm not looking over my shoulder. Someone's not gonna be coming at me with a knife. I don't have a psycho, you know, castmate. It's just pleasant. It's just amazing.”

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Season five of Shahs of Sunset ended earlier this year with a blowout fight between Reza and co-star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, after she seemingly spread a rumor that Reza has a sex tape with a man who’s not his husband. Reza says he and GG have not talked since they addressed the rumor at the reunion show.

“She's not reached out, and you know, she hit my husband,” Reza shares. “She made up a really nasty, nasty rumor about me that was completely false. So, I have not made any efforts to speak to her. No.”

For now, keep up with Reza’s drama-free adventures on Yours, Mine or Ours, which premieres Monday, Oct. 3, at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo. Check out our full chat with the Bravo star below.