Showtime Releases New 'Twin Peaks' Teaser With Some Familiar Music


Fans won't be able to revisit the fictional town ofTwin Peaksuntil 2017 but they can definitely start getting in the mood right now -- thanks to a new sense memory-heavy teaser trailer Showtime released on Friday.

The 33-second video features a camera panning over an atmospheric forest and the strains of Angelo Badalamenti's iconic synth-tastic theme music, as well as the composer himself, transposed over the ethereal landscape.

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If that's not enough, fans of the original series will quickly find themselves transported back to the eccentric Pacific Northwest town when the face of Laura Palmer, the girl whose murder is the central mystery of the series, appears ghost-like onscreen. 

Fun fact: Badalamenti originally wrote the theme music, titled "Falling," for 1980s pop singer, Julee Cruise. It's an instrumental version of that song which features in the opening credits of the series. Badalamenti is returning to score the reboot, along with many of the original cast members, including Kyle MacLachlan, who is reprising his role as the "damn fine cup of coffee"-loving FBI Agent, Dale Cooper.

The 79-year-old composer shared a sweet tweet exchange with the series' co-creator, David Lynch, on Friday.

"Dear Twitter Friends, my dear brother, the brilliant @DamnGoodPie, is back! #twinpeaks," Lynch wrote. 

"I could not be more thrilled to be back. Much love, my brother. @davidlynch #twinpeaks," Badalamenti responded.

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If you can't wait until 2017 for your Twin Peaks fix, revisit the 1990 set of the original series in this video, when the cast were still relative unknowns!