'Girls' Producer Details How Lena Dunham Encountered 'Hideous' and 'Inappropriate' Behavior From a TV Producer

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The actress recently experienced an inappropriate encounter with a fellow producer, according to the latest Lenny Letter.

producer Jenni Konner has revealed that Lena Dunham recently encountered “inappropriate” and “hideous” behavior from a TV executive after completing work on the HBO series.

In Tuesday’s edition of the Lenny Letter, a newsletter started by the Girls co-creators, Konner details how Dunham was “cornered,” shown an indecent photo, then asked to convince a fellow actress to strip on-screen.

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“The director asked Lena to have dinner alone the following night with an actress on the show he works on,” writes Konner. “Not because he thought they should meet, but because he wanted Lena to persuade the actress to ‘show her tits, or at least some vag’ on TV. Surely Lena could make a compelling argument. After all, he continued, ‘You would show anything. Even your a**hole.'”

The Girls crew were out for a meal when they encountered the unnamed producer/director, who pulled Dunham aside within minutes. According to Konner, he then showed the actress an image on his phone of “a mutual friend with a c**k next to her face, ostensibly a still from his TV show, but shown at a completely inappropriate time.”

While the man’s associates attempted to excuse his actions because he was allegedly drunk, Konner called out the double standards for men and women when it comes to such behavior. “When women get drunk, they are asking for it. When men get drunk, they don’t mean it.”

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added that such incidents are all too common for Dunham and she hopes speaking out will help fight such sexism in Hollywood.

“Our voices are our superpower. The only thing standing between men and outdated, hideous behavior is their ability to get away with it,” continued Konner.

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