EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Dish On Marriage Secrets and 'Divorce'

The loved up couple discussed marriage at the New York premiere of Parker's HBO show 'Divorce' on Tuesday.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick  are opening up to ET about their secrets to a happy marriage.

The couple, who will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary next year, attended Tuesday night’s premiere of Parker’s new HBO series, Divorce, in New York City, where Broderick offered up his advice on being a good husband.

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“Listen to her. You know, that helps,” the actor told ET’s Jennifer Peros, when asked what tips he would give Thomas Haden Church, who plays Parker’s on-screen husband. “Give her a little present every now and then. Just be kind to her.”

Broderick, 54, added said that “communicating” and not going to bed angry are vital to a healthy relationship.

Meanwhile, Parker shared that it was her fascination with imperfect marriages that inspired her return to television in Divorce, a comedy in which she plays Frances, an executive recruiter and mom of two.

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“I was really interested in more stories of marriages and relationships and how different they all look,” said Parker. “In particular, 'What does disappointment look like?' and 'How do you find humor in failure?' and, some might say, the story of an American marriage. I'd say it's also an attempt at divorce.”

“But I just think relationships and human interaction and honesty is a really compelling subject matter to me,” continued the 51-year-old actress. “Luckily HBO felt the same way.”

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While Parker recently told ET that Divorce is not Sex and the City 2.0, the iconic series still has its presence in her life, with the actress teasing a third SATC movie may still come to fruition.

“We have this very long and honored relationship with those women and men that watched our show,” she said. “We aren't casual about it and we have to know that we are offering up something that is deserving of their time and affection and dollars for tickets. So we consider all those things. That means we aren't being flighty with them. It's not on the table. It's in the warming drawer.”

See more on Divorce in the video below.