EXCLUSIVE: Ken Jeong Is Totally Cool With Being Upstaged in New 'Dr. Ken' Sneak Peek -- Or Is He?

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On Friday’s Dr. Ken, Ken Jeong’s titular character finds himself dumbfounded when he hears that his boss, Pat Hein (Dave Foley), has supplanted him as the host of an upcoming banquet.

“I don’t know, I guess they wanted more thinking man’s comedy and less desperate man’s comedy,” Pat tells Dr. Ken with a sneer. “More cerebral humor and less of the rubber-faced clowning that is your trademark.”

After his boss leaves, Dr. Ken confronts his coworkers, nurse Clark (Jonathan Slavin) and office manager Damona (Tisha Campbell-Martin), who knew the bad news before he did, but were afraid to say anything.

“I wanted to tell you,” Damona admits. “I like a little crazy to break up my work day.”

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But Dr. Ken surprises them both by thanking them for their honesty.

“I’m fine,” he assures them. “I’ll actually be able to enjoy the banquet for once.”

But is he really fine? Check out the clip above to find out what happens to an errant hospital trash can that’s “in the way” as Dr. Ken storms off.

Dr. Ken
airs Fridays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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