'Saturday Night Live' Blasts Donald Trump for Sexist Comments in Leaked Audio


Alec Baldwin got the chance to showcase his killer Donald Trump impression again in the Saturday Night Live cold open this weekend, viciously mocking the Republican presidential candidate for misogynistic comments made to Billy Bush years ago in an audio recording leaked earlier this week.

The first sketch of the night lampooned this week's Vice Presidential debates, opening with Trump's running-mate Mike Pence (portrayed by Beck Bennett) arguing how much the 70-year-old business mogul respects women, before CNN's Brooke Baldwin (played by Cecily Strong) cut into the debate with a special report on Trump's leaked conversation.

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Trump soon appeared to explain his graphically sexist remarks and to "apple-logize" to those who were offended. When asked if he we was trying to apologize, Trump rejected the assumption.

"No, I would never do that. What I am doing is apple-logizing to all the people who were offended by my statements," he shot back. "But more importantly, to the people who were turned on by them. I hear it's really 50/50."

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Trump was also asked what message he would share with female voters who have been following the story of his misogynistic conversation, which included remarks about groping women.

"I would say this: Listen, women, if you give me a chance, I promise I can do a whole lot more than just grab it. I can also bop it, twist it, pull it," Trump said. "I'm tired of talking about me, okay? We need to move forward and focus on the serious issues."

After wrapping up her interview with Trump, Brooke cut over to Hillary Clinton (played by Kate McKinnon) at her campaign headquarters, where the Democratic nominee was throwing a small party in celebration of recent events.

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"It was incredibly disturbing, and when I heard it I was deeply, deeply saddened," Clinton said, feigning concern while barely containing a smile. "It made me feel horrible, and very depressed."

"It is a very, very sad day for our country. Minus one," she added, taking a swig from a bottle of champagne.

The late night show wasn't finished raking Trump over the coals. Host Lin-Manuel Miranda mocked the controversial candidate during his quasi-Hamilton-inspired musical monologue, as well as SNL's decision to have Trump as a guest host last season. Later, McKinnon played Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, who was just trying to have a fun day off, but you can never have one when you're cleaning up after the Donald.

Weekend Update with Michel Che and Colin Jost took a number of shots at Trump's most recent controversy. They were even joined by former SNL stars Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon, who plyaed two undecided female voters from Philadelphia.

It was interesting to see the former Weekend Update anchor team playing off the current duo. As per tradition, Fallon had trouble keeping in character without breaking, which actually made the whole sketch more endearing.

Baldwin debuted his Trump impression in the SNL season 42 premiere last week, when the show skewered his performance in the first presidential debate against Clinton. Check out the video below for more.