EXCLUSIVE: 'Supergirl' Melissa Benoist Talks Superman's 'Dream' Debut and How the Danvers Sisters Will Grow St

Hold onto your capes -- 'Supergirl' is officially back for season two!

Hold onto your capes -- Supergirl is officially back for season two!

Tonight, the action-packed drama makes its highly anticipated move from CBS to join Greg Berlanti's DC Comics superhero lineup on The CW. We've already seen tonight's high-flying premiere (subtle brag totally intended!) and trust us when we tell you that the sophomore season of Supergirl is off to a sensational start -- especially with the addition of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman.

To get you even more pumped for all the alien adventures ahead, ET caught up with the Girl of Steel herself, Melissa Benoist, on Supergirl's new Vancouver-based set to get the exclusive scoop on Superman's debut, the epic four-part superhero crossover and how the Danvers sisters will become closer than ever!

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The CW

In tonight's premiere, fans will finally have the pleasure of meeting Kara's Kryptonian cousin, Kal-El -- aka Clark Kent -- and Benoist reveals that working alongside Hoechlin was "a dream."

"He is so fun and he's so easy to work with. Tyler kind of is Superman. He's just inherently good inside and out and we have the best time," she says. "We would have these moments where he would trip over something and I'd stumble my words, and he would look at me and be like, 'People should just be rolling on us right now because we are so ridiculous!' Like we are Clark and Kara."

With the new network change, Benoist adds that there's an "exciting feeling" in the air now that the opportunity for more crossovers is possible. "It's kind of like we've expanded even more into the comic book world then we were last season," she shares. "It just feels like everyone has got a shot of energy, like we got this pump of adrenaline into the show."

Later this year, Supergirl will kick off the unprecedented four-part crossover event with Arrow, The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. "It's going to be really exciting and fun, but it's a little daunting. I don't know how I am going to feel being in a room with all those other superheroes," Benoist admits.

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The CW

When asked who she's most excited to see Kara share a scene with, Benoist is quick with her reply. "I think the relationship between Oliver and Kara will be hilarious," she says. "I just feel like there is going to be so much room to have misunderstandings there. And I am really excited to work with Caity Lotz -- she is a badass."

Speaking of badasses, Benoist's on-screen sister, Chyler Leigh, will be stepping up her DEO fighting skills as Alex Danvers. "She is more than a badass!" Benoist gushes. "She's my heart."

The 28-year-old actress spilled that the fan-favorite relationship between the Danvers sisters is only going to get stronger in season two. "It's only going to grow. I think it's the most important relationship on the show," Benoist says. "We are exploring every facet of sisterhood: how women support each other, and how they understand each other. How they communicate, how they love, and how they fight. You are just going to see more and more of that and it's really fulfilling to play those scenes."

Season two of Supergirl premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.