Donald Trump Not Pleased With 'Saturday Night Live,' Says Alec Baldwin's Impression 'Stinks'

The 70-year-old Republican presidential nominee lashed out at the sketch comedy show following another dig at him.

Donald Trump reacted to Saturday Night Live's amazing debate spoof exactly how you expected him to.

The Republican presidential nominee was not a fan of the sketch, and he took to Twitter early Sunday to blast the entire show, including Alec Baldwin's flawless Trump impression.

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"Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me," wrote Trump. "Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election!"

From the looks of it, SNL doesn't plan to stop skewering the 70-year-old billionaire. Besides Baldwin's debates spoof, last night’s episode included an equally hilarious music video short called "Melanianade."

The video parody of Beyonce's Lemonade single, "Sorry," featured Trump's wife, Melania Trump, as Queen Bey, blasting her husband for making vulgar remarks about women.

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It may be a while before Trump enjoys an episode of SNL, as the sketch show keeps finding ways to mock this year's election cycle.

Many celebrities have also been quick to call out Trump after tapes of him making lewd comments continue to surface. Scream Queens star Jamie Lee Curtis slammed Trump for his 2004 comments about Lindsay Lohan. Find out more in the video below.