EXCLUSIVE! 'Scream Queens' Postmortem: Glen Powell Spills on Chad's 'Awesome' Death and Potential Twin Theorie


It’s officially official -- Scream Queens' fan favorite character Chad Radwell is dead.

Fans of Fox's killer comedy were left with a gruesome cliffhanger at the end of last week's episode when Chad's blood-smeared body plummeted through the ceiling of the hospital chapel just moments before he was supposed to say "I do" to one of the loves of his life, Chanel Oberlin.

Unfortunately, after watching tonight's tear-jerking hour, "Halloween Blues," all our hopes of Chad somehow surviving his cutthroat conundrum were dashed. Chad did make few brief returns in the episode, in both ghost form and sex-fueled flashbacks, but the man that everyone wanted to get with -- women, men, animals at the zoo, and plants, probably -- is R.I.P.

To help you cope with the Radwell withdrawl that you are all obviously, painfully suffering through, ET called up Scream Queens' most recent victim, Glen Powell, to get the exclusive postmortem scoop on Chad's demise and to find out if there's any chance of a triumphant return.

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From his very first douche-tastic line in the Scream Queens pilot, we quickly fell in love with Chad's egotistical and hilariously inappropriate personality. Now, we're desperately going to miss watching him (and his amazing abs) on our screens each week -- but we're taking comfront in the fact that we're not alone.

"Obviously I'm heartbroken that Chad Radwell is dead as well because I had a great time with him, but [such] is the nature of a show where people get murdered all the time," the 27-year-old actor spilled. "At the end of the day, I think what [Scream Queens creator] Ryan [Murphy] is doing with that character death is pretty awesome. I think with the second season you've got to do drastic things and, obviously, when you're killing off major characters you're keeping everyone on their toes. It's a bummer when you're the guy that gets the meat cleaver, but it is what it is."

Although Powell didn't get a significant heads up that Chad was getting killed off, he did start to see clues in the script that the end was near. "For me, I kind of got the sense as Chad started falling more and more in love with Chanel," he recalled. "As soon as Chad turned and he finds a heart, we should have thought that an ax was going to fall -- and lo-and-behold, it happened."

Speaking of falling, Powell confessed that he happily allowed his stunt double to take the brunt of Chad's death-sentencing drop from the cherub-covered ceiling. "I usually do most of my own stunts, but when they showed me what that stunt looked like, I was like, 'That doesn't feel glorious or fun at all,'" Powell said with a laugh. "The stunt guy legitimately fell like 20 feet right on that thin mat. I only fell from like four feet or so to match his fall [for the shot], and my neck was even hurting the next day."

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As for the person responsible for Chad's untimely death, Powell admitted that he honestly has no clue about who's hiding behind the Green Meanie's mask. "I'm going to put my money on … hmm … on Taylor Lautner [as Dr. Cassidy Cascade]," he confessed. "He doesn't look like he could master up a very intricate murder plot, but I think that's exactly why it's going to be him. Just like with Hester when you didn’t see it coming [in season one]."

For all those fans out there -- like us! -- who would love to see Chad back on our Scream Queens screens again, Powell has something to tell you: "It's like when you break up with anyone. You can say, 'Look, we can still be friends,'" he said.

"Maybe you can come visit Chad in heaven. Or Maybe Chad's not totally dead," he mused. "On a Ryan Murphy show, there's ghosts, there's angels, there's twins, who knows?"

Hold up -- a Chad Radwell identical twin? Yes please! "Like I said, you just never know," he teased. "The Ryan Murphy universe is a very strange place to occupy and I would never tell anyone who loves Chad Radwell to ever give up complete hope."

So how can we make this dream into a reality? "Somebody's just got to get in touch with Ryan for me and tell him I'm sorry for whatever I did," Powell joked. "I still love him and maybe there's a twin in the future."

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In Powell's immediate future, fans can watch him in theaters this Christmas alongside Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Kevin Costner in the already-buzzed about film, Hidden Figures, which centers on a team of African-American women providing NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program's first successful space missions.

Powell will play John Glenn, the first American astronaut to make a complete orbit of the Earth, although, we've got to be honest: We'd really just love to watch a movie starring Chad Radwell and Henson's Cookie Lyon from Empire.

"Oh my gosh! Could you imagine if that's what Hidden Figures was about?" Powell laughed after we pitched him our alternate plot. "That would be a very, very differently toned movie than what Hidden Figures is. Yes, [Taraji] and I do have some scenes together in Hidden Figures, but it is not what you would expect."

"It's such a heart-wrenching and important story," Powell continued. "It's nice to getting to always work with such extremely talented people. Hopefully I don’t keep getting killed off."

No matter which roles come next, Powell revealed that Chad Radwell will always have a special place in his heart. "Getting to occupy those very tight slacks and loafers every day, and to see the world through his eyes, it's really one of the most special characters and one of the greatest gifts I've ever been given," Powell concluded. "Fingers crossed for life after death."