EXCLUSIVE: Go Behind the Scenes of Rhett & Link's Wacky New YouTube Red Series 'Buddy System'


Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal’s Good Mythical Morning show is in jeopardy -- at least on their new YouTube Red series, Rhett & Link’s Buddy System.

“It’s the story of Link losing his phone, and the existence of our daily show, Good Mythical Morning, being brought into danger by a co-ex-girlfriend, who is now an infomercial queen,” Rhett explains. “And we have to go on some crazy adventures in order to get it back.”

ET got an exclusive ticket to the set of the new series, premiering Oct. 19 on YouTube Red.

“This is a creepy warehouse,” Link said, welcoming ET to the set. “We’re having a prom reenactment.”

and GCB star Leslie Bibb plays the role of Rhett and Link’s co-ex-girlfriend, who might just have villainous intentions.

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“Our co-ex-girlfriend in real life, her name was Lesli,” Link shares. “We dated her at different times, though. So, we were looking for a Leslie, and she’s super, super hilarious.”

“This Leslie has an ‘E’ on the end of it,” Rhett notes. “Our Lesli just had an ‘I,’ just ended in an ‘I.’”

“I mean, she’s not our Leslie,” Link counters. “She’s married now.”

“Well, she was at one point,” Rhett says. “We thought about making the spelling a requirement, but you don’t meet a lot of Leslies without the ‘E.’ So, Leslie Bibb, she’s great. She’s a Leslie.”

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The cast also features Blue Mountain State and Vine star Page Kennedy as the guys’ high school bestie, Maxwell.

“They’ve gone their separate ways, and they meet up again in an interesting situation. They rekindle their friendship,” Page shares. “Rhett & Link’s Buddy System is a fun, wacky comedy that you’re going to enjoy -- that everyone can enjoy … A lot of hilarity will ensue.”

Rhett and Link say we can expect more than just hilarity. There will also be a talking, flying exercise bike, musical comedy, nudity -- and possibly a shipwreck! Check out the video below to see the guys’ best infomercial pitch for the new series.