EXCLUSIVE: 'Code Black' Hunk Ben Hollingsworth on Life as New Parents and Baby No. 2

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Three months after welcoming their first child, Code
star Ben Hollingsworth and wife Nila are loving life as new parents
and already talking baby number two!

The couple became parents to adorable Hemingway Nash
Hollingsworth on July 3 and are relishing watching him become more animated and
“social” in recent weeks.

“I’ve got this character I do called Tyrone, who’s a
toothless dinosaur from London. I get to be a goofy with him and he thinks it’s
really funny, which is great,” gushed Hollingsworth at Debbie Durkin’s EcoLuxe Luxury Lounge
celebrating “Christmas in September” in Los Angeles recently.
the best thing to see him smile and laugh.”

“And he’s just been a really great baby. We took him to Catalina Island on a yacht and he was the best. He had his nautical outfit on and was up on the top deck with the wind blowing through his hair, loving it. He’s already a little sailor!”

Apart from 4 a.m. diaper changes, Hollingsworth says the hardest part of becoming a father has been leaving Hemingway to go to work, but Nila FaceTimes with him and sends him photos throughout the day.

Little Hemingway, who calmly watched on as his parents chatted to ETat the pre-Emmys event, also made his first visit to the Code Black set, where he was “mobbed by everyone,” on his dad’s recent 32nd birthday.

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Although season two of Code Black, on which Hollingsworth plays Dr. Mario Savetti, is keeping the new dad busy, he looks forward to rushing home and seeing his son’s face each night and has become an expert at putting him to sleep.

“It hasn’t been easy, but any time we feel tired or stressed, he smiles and everything’s OK again,” says the Canadian star. “And I somehow have the magic touch -- whenever he lies on my chest, he falls asleep. We have all the gadgets you buy to help put the baby to sleep, like the mamaRoo, but I’m the ‘dadaRoo’ -- works 100% of the time!”

Hollingsworth adds that being a dad has been incredibly “fulfilling” and changed his priorities in life.

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“We used to go out a lot, but we haven’t missed that at all. I just want to be at home and hold him. So everything does shift.”

“No one can prepare you for being a parent,” he continues. “No amount of books or internet research can prepare you, and we know so much more after the last two and a half months. I feel like we get it for the first time! Nila’s already saying, ‘When are we going to have the next one?’”

While many new moms can’t fathom giving birth again so soon after welcoming their first child, it helps that Nila, who’s looking stunning despite having had a baby so recently, had a dream delivery.

“It was so smooth, I want to do it again,” shares the Bar Method teacher, who wed Hollingsworth almost four years ago. “It was the easiest labor ever -- I was lucky!”