EXCLUSIVE: Christian Slater Set to Guest Host More 'Live! With Kelly' Episodes in the Future


Christian Slater wants to be a permanent fixture of morning television.

The Golden Globe winner, who guest co-hosted the Today show twice this week, told Ellen DeGeneres that he's interested in joining Live! With Kelly.

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"Yeah, Kelly," he said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show two weeks ago. "I'm available. Let's do this!"

On Thursday night, he doubled down in speaking to ET at the King Cobra premiere in New York.

"I'd get a total kick out of it," he said.

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ET has learned that Slater might tape segments with Ripa soon and is set to guest host in the future.

One challenge of the gig is obviously the early hours, but the Mr. Robot star has a remedy for that -- shots of espresso.

"Whatever it takes," Slater said. "Four shots in the morning. That's how I do it."