'The Walking Dead': Negan Just Killed TWO Characters in the Goriest Episode of All Time -- Find Out Who!

We're completely numb.

WARNING: We're about to reveal the biggest and bloodiest moments of
The Walking Dead's season seven premiere! If you do not want to know which characters Negan just killed, leave immediately. For everyone else, grab your tissues, and let's go.

We're completely numb.

After months of anxiously waiting for answers, The Walking Dead returned tonight with their seventh (and dare we say best?) season premiere, and we finally discovered who Negan horrifically killed in the death row lineup. To make matters even more gut-wrenching, TWD delivered a cruel twist by killing off not one, but two of our beloved characters from Rick's group.

Say goodbye to...

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Abraham AND Glenn. (Whaaaaat?!)

Here's how it all went down: After Negan's bone-chilling game of "eenie, meenie, miney, moe" up and down the line of Rick's crew, which Rick flashed back to throughout the first half of the premiere, the Saviors' sadistic leader selected Abraham to be Lucille'd -- aka he viciously bashed in the military man's copper-colored head with a barbed wire-covered baseball bat until he was nothing but a big pile of brains and blood. It was traumatic and terrifying, and we're still shaking from fear.

We know what you must be thinking: "But, wait! If Negan killed Abraham, then how did Glenn die?" We're getting to that. It's well-known that it was actually Glenn who died at the hands of Negan's bat in Robert Kirkman's beloved comics, but the TWD powers-that-be decided to shake things up on screen.

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In the moments just after Abraham's death, the entire group was (understandably) distraught with postmortem panic. Darryl lashed out at Negan, only to be subdued by a few of his henchmen. While Negan stopped them from killing Darryl, he made it immediately clear that another member of the group would pay for his insubordination.

"First one's free. Then I said I will shut that s*** down!" he announced with a maniacal laugh, before turning Lucille on Glenn, as Maggie screamed in horror. "I'm a man of my word...I need you to know me."

We know that you all must be hyperventilating from stress right now, but we have some good news! To help give you closure, The Walking Dead's latest victims will be headed to ET on Monday morning to spill exclusive behind-the-scenes details from their final episode and say their final goodbyes to the fans. In the meantime, share your post-premiere thoughts on Twitter with @LeanneAguilera!