EXCLUSIVE: 'Eyewitness' Star Warren Christie Dishes on the Stunning Twist -- Watch the Big Reveal!

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Warning: Do not proceed if you have not watched Sunday’s episode of USA Network crime thriller, Eyewitness.

added a new wrinkle on Sunday, when it revealed that there was more to Ryan Kane, the murderer-at-large police don’t know they’re looking for following a deadly rampage in a secluded wood cabin.

In the latest episode, titled “Bless the Beast and the Children,” the USA Network drama threw in a stunning twist to complicate matters even more: Ryan, played by Warren Christie, is also the newly appointed lead investigator of the homicide case.

Only ET has the stunning moment from the episode, in which Ryan is revealed to be Special Agent Ryan Kane on the case, which the FBI and the Tivoli Sheriff’s Department believe to be drug-related. “That’s the big twist that we think will throw people a little bit,” Christie told ET exclusively.

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“What it allowed was for Ryan to come into the world more. It wouldn’t have been very exciting and we wouldn’t have been able to learn more about him if [he] was constantly hiding in the bushes, trying to kill people. That would’ve been very boring,” the actor said with a chuckle, sharing that the reveal “caught a lot of people off-guard.”

With Ryan now investigating his own case, Christie noted the potential for added tension between him and the town’s main players.

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“Because the audience is going to know he’s the guy, it allowed a certain amount of play within the scenes between me and Julianne [Nicholson, who plays Tivoli Sheriff Helen Torrance],” Christie explained. “It adds a wrinkle to things. You have this really strange cat-and-mouse game that at home, you know what’s going on, but in the town, as it’s all unfolding and the pieces are coming together, he’s constantly trying to stay one step up ahead.”

“He’s got multiple lines going on and he’s trying to balance them all. He’s trying to solve a problem [and] he’s also trying to keep other things going,” he added.

We’ll have to tune in to see how Ryan Kane handles both sides of the homicide case. Only time will tell!

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