EXCLUSIVE: Scott Aukerman on the End of 'Comedy Bang! Bang!,' Return of Reggie Watts

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Since its inception in 2012, Comedy Bang! Bang! has become that bonkers staple in our late-night television watching we never knew we needed – and sadly, after five outlandish seasons, it’s coming to a close.

Before the final episodes begin airing on Oct. 28, creator and sweater-wearing host Scott Aukerman is giving ET a glimpse of CBB’s finale.

“The final episode is something that I'd been thinking about for the past few years,” Aukerman tells ET. “A lot of shows go really big for their final episodes and they try to bowl you over with guest stars. I decided to go really small and do more of a thematic ending. I really wanted to make it one of the funnier episodes we've ever done.”

While we won’t be bombarded with guest stars, we will be treated to a (hopefully) joyous reunion between Aukerman and OB (original bandleader) Reggie Watts – but this time, as a guest on the couch.

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Watts co-starred with Aukerman for the first three and a half seasons, departing midway through season four to become bandleader on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Rapper Kid Cudi took over Watts’ role for the remainder of the season, before “Weird Al” Yankovic took the reins for season five.

“We'll get to see Reggie and Al together in an episode, so that'll be really interesting,” teases Aukerman.

The show’s formula is generally the same per episode: a celebrity guest appears as themselves, while the second guest is a comedian playing a character (with a ton of madness in between).

Upcoming guests include Gillian Jacobs, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Ben Folds, Allison Janney and Kaley Cuoco -- who is appearing as herself, and adorably cracks up when the second character-guest joins.

“It's always interesting having someone you don't know on the show because you never know how they're going to be. I naturally assume they're going to think my show is stupid and beneath them, so I'm prepared for that, and usually I'm disappointed and they actually have a really great time,” Aukerman says of Cuoco’s appearance. “She was really wonderful and stayed there for a long time.”

While we’re sad to say goodbye to the show for now, Aukerman gives us hope we could see that beloved living room again in some form. After all, we live in the age of TV revivals.

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“I joked around that the earlier we end it, the sooner we can get to the reunion, which is really where all the money is,” quips Aukerman. “Who knows? In a couple years maybe we'll say, ‘Hey, Al, Reggie, let’s get back in here and start doing more episodes.’”

In the meantime, the Between Two Ferns co-creator will focus on family, the two shows he’s producing on the streaming service, Seeso: Bajillion Dollar Properties and Take My Wife. Plus, he has a secret project coming in February.

The final episodes of Comedy Bang! Bang! begin airing Oct. 28 at 11 p.m. on IFC.