EXCLUSIVE: 'Hot Bench' Creator Judge Judy and Her Husband Guest Judge: 'He's As Sharp As Ever'

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Litigants be warned, Judge Judy and her husband, Jerry Sheindlin, are coming to Hot Bench.

The show, which features a panel of three judges, was created by Judge Judy and she'll actually be sitting in on cases during Monday's episode.

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"I thought it was fun," Judge Judy tells ET. "And how many times can you have different kinds of fun at my age?"

The judge admits that she was intrigued by the opportunity of collaborating on a decision for the first time.

"I've always been Queen of the May. I sat by myself, made a decision, and if you didn't like it that was too bad," she says. "I said, 'What better way to inspire people to tune in and see a new Hot Bench than if I made my first appearance sitting on that three-judge bench?' And it's the first time I ever sat with colleagues and made a decision."

The 74-year-old TV personality will be joined by her husband, Jerry Sheindlin, who is also a retired judge. After 39 years of marriage, Jerry is still capable of impressing his wife.

"He hasn't judged in quite a long time and what happens is, if you've been a judge for a long time, you put on your robe and all of a sudden a different mindset sets in," Judge Judy explains. "He still looks great. He's as sharp as ever."

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While Judge Judy's stint on Hot Bench will only be an episode, she has added a new third judge to take up a permanent spot on the show: former New York jurist Michael Corriero.

"We started out as young lawyers together," Judge Judy says, explaining that they've known each other for nearly 40 years.

Back in the day, the two once found themselves on opposite ends of the courtroom. Judge Judy recalled one case in which she was trying to convict two of Corriero's defendants.

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"They were actually innocent, and the star witness that I was feeding hamburgers and fries to in the hotel turned out to be the actual shooter," Judge Judy reveals.

Corriero will be taking over for Larry Bakman, who is leaving Hot Bench to return to his law practice.

According to Judge Judy, Corriero is a great addition to the show because of one unique quality he has.

"Michael always tried to find the best in every human being who came before him," she says. "Even when that required a lot of digging."