EXCLUSIVE: 'Below Deck' Stars Kate and Ben Blow Up In Front Of Charter Guests From 'The People's Couch!'


It’s an unexpected Bravo crossover on this week’s all-new episode of Below Deck, and ET has your exclusive first look.

Chief stew Kate Chastain and chef Ben Robinson have a major blow up in the galley, and it’s so loud that the charter guests can hear it. And get this -- those guests just so happen to be Emerson Collins and Blake McIver from Bravo’s The People’s Couch!

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The fight itself is pretty ridiculous and kind of confusing. Basically, Kate and Ben are at odds over meal times for what feels like the 100th time this season. Upstairs, Emerson and Blake sit together, sipping champagne as they listen in on the argument. Kate and Ben become so loud that Captain Lee Rosbach calls them out and asks them to keep it down.

“This is so embarrassing,” Kate confesses in an interview. “I’ve never had that happen in my life.”

“Mommy and daddy need to stop fighting,” Emerson coos from the couch. “Awkward!”

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Ben finally comes upstairs to apologize, but the guys seem unphased.

“As long as the drinks keep coming, we’re fine,” Emerson says.

See what lead to the fight, and what comes after, on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET when Below Deck airs on Bravo. ET sat down with Ben and a couple of his co-stars ahead of the season premiere. Check out that interview in the video below.