'Scandal' Debuts Explosive Season 6 Trailer -- Watch All the Drama Unfold!

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The countdown to Scandal’s return has begun!

ABC’s political drama will kick off its sixth season on Thursday, Jan. 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, rejoining Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder in the #TGIT lineup. On Thursday, the first official trailer featuring brand new Scandal footage promised even more fireworks for Olivia Pope and Co.

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With Mellie and Jake going up against Frankie and Cyrus in the presidential election, things don’t go as planned for Olivia, when Mellie declares she’s ready to resign from her campaign.

“I am done running for president!” Mellie angrily tells Olivia, who fires back with her own zinger: “Well, I’m not!”

Several key moments in the 30-second teaser also pose major questions: Is Olivia plotting with her estranged father, Rowan? Why is Fitz angry at Olivia? Who was in the wood cabin that exploded? Who wins the presidential election: Mellie or Frankie?

The trailer also teases an explosive first 10 minutes of the season six premiere, promising that “it lives up to the hype” and “you’re not going to know what hit you.”

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ET’s Nischelle Turner caught up with Scandal star Tony Goldwyn in July, where he said the premiere script creator Shonda Rhimes wrote “is ridiculous.”

“I think he'll be so relieved not to be president and to be able to have an impact in people's lives without all of the horror that comes with being in the ring of,” Goldwyn told ET. “So I think I imagine him doing something like Jimmy Carter did, like the Clinton Foundation or the Carter Center.”

"He will definitely be involved in trying to effect, influence public policy," he added. "But who knows what Shonda has in mind. For all I know I'll be president again."

For more on season six, watch ET’s exclusive interview with Goldwyn below.