'Eyewitness' Character Comes Out to His Family in Emotional Moment

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One of USA Network’s Eyewitness characters is revealing his true self.

On Sunday’s episode, titled “Crème Brulee,” Philip (Tyler Young) is revealing to his adoptive parents, Tivoli sheriff Helen Torrance (Julianne Nicholson) and her husband Gabe Caldwell (Gil Bellows), that he is gay.

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ET has the exclusive first look at the emotional moment when Philip, who has been in a blossoming (and complicated) relationship with Lukas Waldenbeck (James Paxton), tells his parents for the first time, and the conversation that follows between the trio.

“Tyler and James have really exploded off the show, and the feedback I’ve been getting from fans about their love story is extraordinary,” Eyewitness creator Adi Hasak tells ET exclusively.

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Philip and Lukas have a lot on their plate. After witnessing a multiple homicide in Eyewitness’ first episode, the teens made a pact to keep their romantic relationship and eyewitness account secret for fear of being discovered by the killer, Ryan Kane (Warren Christie).

“Although the characters of Philip and Lukas still have quite a journey ahead of them before they feel safe from the killer and at home in their own skin,” Hasak adds, “I think the milestone of Philip coming out to Helen and Gabe is worth celebrating, which is why we’re throwing a huge party on Twitter and Facebook on Sunday.”

The Eyewitness stars will join Hasak following Sunday’s episode at 11 p.m. PT/ET on both coasts for a special Facebook Live with the It Gets Better Project, a nonprofit that provides support to LGBTQ youth around the world.

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