EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Graham Says Having Melissa McCarthy Back for 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Was 'Icing on the Cake'

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The Gilmore Girls revival is almost here! (Well, OK, it's still 18 days away, but who's counting?)

There are roughly a thousand things we cannot wait to see happen on Netflix's highly anticipated four-part event, but near the tippy top of our wish list is to see how the series' female friendships have evolved over the past eight years.

To help curb your cravings until the Nov. 25 premiere, ET caught up with stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel to find out what's next for Rory's friendships with Paris and Lane, and Lorelai's beloved dynamic with Sookie -- and their answers will make you want to hug your best friend as tight as you can!

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"It's so incredible to have this opportunity and to creatively go back to these interactions," Bledel gushed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in July. "We've got the same dynamics, the same relationships, but eight years later. [We] know that they're the same people, but they've evolved quite a bit and there are new things to play with in the scenes."

The 35-year-old actress added, "But you always have those bonds to fall back on that the characters just have, innately, that we established years ago, so it felt very unique to get this chance."

And earlier this year, after months of back-and-forth hearsay, it was finally confirmed that Melissa McCarthy would be back to reprise her role as Lorelai's BFF and business partner, Sookie St. James.


"You know, the way these things come together is so circuitous and she's so busy," Graham explained. "Then we all were together on set and it was just great. [We] got to hang out after and it's like [Alexis was] saying, you have a foundation with these people, so anything else is just icing on the cake."

"It was the final piece of the puzzle to make sure that the show felt whole," Graham continued. "That all of it's important players were there, except for Ed [Herrmann who played Richard Gilmore], but it was great to have her there."

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In addition to reuniting with our small-town favorites, fans can also look forward to fully diving back into the adorably quirky and undeniably unique town of Stars Hollow. ET had the pleasure of traveling to Stars Hollow (aka Warner Bros. studios) back in March when the series was filming the Autumn episode, and it was just as magical and mesmerizing as we could've hoped.

"It was so incredibly surreal!" Bledel recalled of their first day on set. "It was really surreal to be back on the Warner Bros. backlot because our whole town lives here and has been here this whole time. Other shows shoot here, and they shoot plenty of commercials and things here, so it was odd to just revisit this space and be reunited with the whole cast."

Although most of the town was still intact, many of the buildings and storefronts had been altered over the past eight years to accommodate other shows. (Ahem, we're looking at you, Hart of Dixie and Pretty Little Liars…) As a result, Graham revealed that the lot's transformation back into Stars Hollow "happened in layers."

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"When we first started, Stars Hollow was the set for Grease [Live!], the musical, so there was a Ferris wheel here and I was like, 'Get out of our town!'" Graham said with a laugh. "It took them a while to rebuild everything and then walking on to each set was it's own kind of flood of memories 'cause they're the same sets, but a little different."

"Apparently there weren't exact measurements of everything," Graham explained. "So they were recreating them. It's exactly the same, but it's a little bit bigger, so it's some kind of through the looking glass [experience] into a strange, new, old world."

Gilmore Girls' four-part revival premieres on Friday, Nov. 25 at midnight on Netflix.

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