Dave Chappelle Walks Towards the Light in Post-Election 'Saturday Night Live' Promo

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One day after Donald Trump was named president-elect of the United States, Saturday Night Live dropped its first promo for Dave Chappelle’s hosting debut.

The 15-second teaser, which hit the Internet on Wednesday, isn’t anything spectacular, but it is unexpectedly compelling.

The camera follows Chappelle as he walks through the bowels of Rockefeller Center, lights streaking from above, before he takes the stage to an empty Studio 8H, set to the tune of musical guest A Tribe Called Quest’s classic, “Can I Kick It?.”

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The timing for the 43-year-old comedian’s SNL debut comes at a unique moment in America’s political history, following Trump's presidential win. Others have already weighed in on the election.

During Stephen Colbert’s live election special on Showtime, the Late Show host was visibly emotional during his Election Night monologue.

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“Both sides are terrified of the other side. How did our politics get so poisonous?” the 52-year-old late-night TV personality said. “I think it’s ‘cause we overdosed, especially this year. We drank too much of the poison.”

"Politics is everywhere and that takes up precious brain space we could be using to remember all the things we actually have in common," Colbert continued. "So whether your side won or lost, we don't have to do this s**t for awhile."

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For more on what Colbert said on Election Night, watch below.

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