'Criminal Minds' Finally Reveals What Happened to Thomas Gibson's Character

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Weeks after Thomas Gibson’s final Criminal Minds episode, the show finally addressed his character’s whereabouts.

On Wednesday’s episode, titled “Elliott’s Pond” and directed by cast member Matthew Gray Gubler, it was revealed that Gibson’s character, Aaron Hotcher, was leaving his post as longtime head of the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

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After Peter Lewis (aka Mr. Scratch) began stalking Hotch’s son, Jack, the two decided to enter the Witness Protection Program. The move would make made it nearly impossible for Hotch to return to his field of work at the BAU if and when the opportunity presented itself, prompting him to make the decision to leave for good in an effort to protect Jack.

That meant a new BAU chief had to be named and it only made sense for it to be Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster), a request Hotch made personally. “Thank the universe for silver linings.” (Also, girl power!)

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The episode closed with the new team toasting to a new beginning. Because Gibson’s character was not killed off, it leaves the door open for a potential return down the line for the former series regular. Whether that is a realistic opportunity remains to be seen.

Fans of Criminal Minds had mixed feelings over the way the show wrote off Gibson’s character, who, earlier in the season was said to have been “on assignment.”

Some were happy about the way his exit was handled…

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While others were still broken up over it…

Gibson was fired in August after allegedly kicking writer-producer Virgil Williams during an on-set altercation. CBS and ABC Studios said in a statement back then that “creative details for who the character’s exit will be addressed in the show” would come “at a later date.” Gibson was last seen in the Oct. 5 episode, the 12th season’s second installment.

Seems like we got our answer.

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For more on how Criminal Minds handled Gibson’s final appearance, watch below.