'Scream' Star Bex Taylor-Klaus Comes Out as Gay: 'Yes the Rumors Are True'

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Screamstar Bex Taylor-Klaus confirmed that she is a lesbian on Twitter earlier this week.

"Hello, my name is Bex and yes the rumors are true," she tweeted 10 minutes before her live YouNow appearance on Wednesday. "I am v gay."

During her live stream, the 22-year-old actress reaffirmed her announcement and admitted that she was "absolutely terrified" to come out due to the climate surrounding the presidential election.

"Part of why I'm coming out is because there's so much hate and fear in and around the LGBT community right now and it's important for us not to halt progress out of fear," she said. "Yes, it's a scary time, but we need to stand up and say, even if you are afraid, 'I'm not afraid,' or even if I am afraid, 'I'm strong.' I am who I am and you can't take that away from me."

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Previously, the Atlanta native shot down speculation about her sexuality via Facebook, writing, "I am a straight girl who plays a gay character on TV."

Taylor-Klaus has played several LGBTQ characters, including lesbian runaway Bullet on The Killing, genderqueer basketball player Lex on House of Lies, and bisexual teen Audrey on MTV's Scream. She also played Sin on Arrow for a handful of episodes.

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