EXCLUSIVE: 'This Is Us' Star Sterling K. Brown Teases Tension During Thanksgiving Episode


This week marks viewers' first holiday season with The Pearsons, and it's bound not to disappoint.

This week marks viewers' first holiday with the Pearsons, and it’s bound to be everything you'd dreamed of.

ET recently caught up with Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall on NBC’s hit show, This Is Us, where he opened up about Tuesday’s Thanksgiving-themed episode.

“My wife knows that my mom has known my biological father all of my life,” he told ET atop New York’s Empire State Building on Thursday, which happens to be where his character works in the show.

“So that is something that may or not be revealed at the Thanksgiving episode,” he said coyly.

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As fans know, his on-screen wife, Beth, learned the bombshell news that his mom, Rebecca, has known who and more importantly where William has been this whole time.

While we know Beth is absolutely distraught over the revelation, Randall is still left in the dark.

“He's jazzed, he's beyond jazzed,” Brown shared of how Randall’s feeling at the start of turkey day, his favorite holiday, adding the reason behind that stems back to his childhood.

“It’s something that happened in the Pearson family, in their past that sort of helped make this his most favorite holiday."

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Rest assured, the brewing drama surrounding Randall’s mother and William won’t be causing any longtime friction between him and his wife, TV’s newest favorite couple.

“I don't think their marriage, well, no marriage is beyond being strainable, but they have been together for 17 years, their marriage is as solid as anyone that I've seen, I think they're going to be OK,” Brown explained of his on-screen relationship.

Those tuning in can expect to see all kinds of familiar faces at the Pearson family Thanksgiving dinner table, including Kate, who flies in from California.

While This Is Us is beginning to delve deeply into Randall and Kevin’s delicate childhood relationship, what about Randall and Kate’s?

“I think it’s something that we have to look forward to,” Brown teased. “Kate will likely -- after Thanksgiving -- go back to the West Coast, but in future episodes that relationship will definitely be explored."

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Sadly, The Big Three’s father, Jack, isn’t here in the present day to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family, and even though viewers are eager to find out how and when he died, Brown shared that the actors have had all the answers from the get-go.

“We learned from the beginning,” he revealed. “We have to be able to understand what happened in the past so we can accurately sort of live things out at age 36 in the present.”

It’s been quite the exciting year for Brown, who won an Emmy for his portrayal of Christopher Darden in the acclaimed FX series, The People v. O. J. Simpson, and his ascent in Hollywood shows no signs of slowing down.

“It's been pretty crazy but pretty awesome at the same time,” he said with a smile. Brown is excited for what the future holds in his career, adding that he’s “always just looking for great scripts.”

To see a preview for Tuesday’s episode of This Is Us, watch below: