EXCLUSIVE: James Corden on Landing Mariah Carey and Bruno Mars for 'Carpool Karaoke,' Plus, Is Brad Pitt Next?

'The Late Late Show' host filled us in on who would be his ideal guest for the popular late-night segment.

After more than 200 shows with some of Hollywood's biggest stars, James Corden admitted to ET that he still has at least one ideal person he'd like to share camera time with.

"I really would love to film something with Brad Pitt," Corden told ET's Carly Steel at the Airbnb Open festival over the weekend. "Not a 'Carpool [Karaoke],' just something fun. I just dig him. I think he's funny."

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The Late Late Show host has had great luck so far in booking 'Carpool' guests. Madonna recently teased her upcoming ride, Mariah Carey will return for a Christmas edition, and on Friday, Corden was spotted filming with Bruno Mars.

"It's the most fun I've had in the car," Corden gushed of filming with Mars. "I can't wait to see it. I've never had that much fun doing work ever in my life."

Getting the "24k Magic" singer was a huge personal accomplishment for Corden. At the Emmys in September, Corden told ET that Mars was his "dream partner" for "Carpool."

"He didn't let me down in any way," Corden said. "He's just got the songs and the funk and it's Bruno!"

As for Carey's return to the segment after appearing on the very first one, Corden promises "there's some treats in store."

"None of it would exist without her," Corden said. "We owe her a huge amount of gratitude. Her vision to be able to see what it could be, and say yes to doing it is the very thing which has made our show what it has become."

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What the segment has become is a place for celebrity A-listers to show off a side of themselves their fans rarely get to see in a fun way. Even Madonna couldn't resist the invite!

"She's amazing. It was incredible," Corden said about hopping into the car with Madge. "We went to New York to do it. All I'll say about that one is no one has danced in the car in quite the way she did. It was really quite something to see. I could barely drive. It was really great."

ET caught up with Corden before he went inside to host the Airbnb event, which he described as a night where the company can say "thank you to all of the people who make Airbnb what it is."

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While the property owners of Airbnb make their guests feel at home, Corden, a U.K. native, is making himself at home with American holidays like Thanksgiving.

"It feels like it's just Christmas without the presents," he joked. "We're going to get a huge roast turkey and then a month later, we're going to do this all again with the same people. You've completely messed up. Do it in May. Nothing's happening in May."

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