EXCLUSIVE: 'Gilmore Girls' Stars Reveal Their Characters' Reactions to That Shocking Twist in the Last 4 Words

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WARNING: We’re about to discuss the highly speculated final four words of
Gilmore Girls. If you have not watched Netflix's four-part revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and do not wish to be spoiled on how it all ends, leave immediately! For everyone else, grab some tissues and the strongest cup of coffee you've got, and get ready…

It finally happened. After years of discussion, speculation and frustration, the final four words of Gilmore Girls have been revealed!

Netflix's four-part revival series, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, premiered today and the final scene of the new installment revealed a life-changing twist.

EXCLUSIVE: Alexis Bledel Reacts to That Shocking Rory Twist and the 'Full Circle' Final Four Words on 'Gilmore Girls'!

Rory: "Mom?"

Lorelai: "Yeah."

Rory: "I'm pregnant."

After a quick final shot of Rory sitting next to an understandably shocked Lorelei in the Stars Hollow gazebo, the series cuts to black and the credits roll. Like most fans, we're bummed that we didn't get to see any reactions to the baby bombshell, so ET caught up with a few of the series' brightest stars to find out how they think their characters would react to the news of Rory's pregnancy.


Lauren Graham
imagined that Lorelai would have a "mixed" reaction to her daughter's déjà vu news, but she thinks that Rory would be a great mom. "She's just such a sweet, and lovely, and smart, and great girl," Graham gushed of her on-screen daughter. "I just think she'll be fantastic."

Speaking of mothering methords, Alexis Bledel admitted she's already been imagining what kind of mother Rory would be. "I think she'd have her own style," she revealed. "She might do things differently, but there would definitely be a lot of Lorelai's influence."

"And a lot of books for sure," she added with a laugh.

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As for the matriarch of the Gilmore family? Kelly Bishop spilled that the emotional journey that Emily Gilmore has traveled through since the passing of her husband, Richard, would greatly affect her reaction. "Well, the Emily we know by the end of the fourth episode would probably be pretty cool [with the news,]" Bishop said.

David Sutcliffe, who plays Rory's father, Christopher, was quick to share his take on the news. "I think [Christopher] would be happy! I think he wants to be a grandpa," he said, a far more positive response than that from Scott Patterson, who not-so-subtly hinted that Rory's other father figure, Luke, might take it upon himself to threaten and/or blackmail the man who knocked up his stepdaughter.

"What [creator] Amy [Sherman-Palladino] writes and how I see the character were often -- I don’t want to say at odds -- but I was always surprised," Sutcliffe added. "I can imagine how Christopher would react, but who knows how Amy would write him."

How do you think your favorite Stars Hollow characters would react to the news of Rory's pregnancy? What kind of a mom do you think Rory would be? Share your thoughts with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter!