EXCLUSIVE: 'This Is Us' Sneak Peek! Randall Confronts William and Beth Over Their Secret-Keeping


Randall is airing out his feelings on This Is Us.

Thanksgiving dinner became all the more awkward when Randall (Sterling K. Brown) discovered that his mother, Rebecca (Mandy Moore), knew his biological father, William (Ron Cephas Jones), and kept it a secret his entire life.

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In ET’s exclusive sneak peek from Tuesday’s episode, titled “The Trip,” Randall is still heated over his mother’s betrayal, funneling his anger into writing a list of all the reasons why he’s mad at his mom. So far, there’s 22 solid ones.

He doesn’t stop there, though; Randall confronts William and his wife, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson), about their part in the secret-keeping -- telling them that they’re No. 2 and No. 3 on his “sh*t list,” to put it bluntly. When Randall asks William when he first met Rebecca -- the day they brought him home from the hospital -- the sadness on his face is heartbreaking.

“I wanted to make sure you were going to a good home,” William explains to his son, who asks if Jack knew about him: “I never got that impression,” William says.

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Watson spoke to ET about the difficult position Beth found herself in after she accidentally found out that William and Rebecca had met decades prior.

“I think in some ways, if she was trying to tell him, it’s more about the about the fact that she doesn’t keep secrets from her husband,” she told ET at the Gotham Awards on Monday in New York City of Beth’s decision to keep it from Randall for a few days. “Rather than ‘This is something between you and your mother.’ So I think she did the best she could.”

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In a previous episode, a brief flash-forward showed Randall packing up William’s things into a box, including his signature hat, leading many to believe William dies in the near future.

“We are going to fall apart!” Watson said of how the family reacts to the loss. “We are going to be paper in the rain. We are going to disintegrate. Sometimes people come into your life and you’re like, ‘What was it like before they were here?’ We know there is an expiration date, but it’s going to be a difficult one for the family, especially for Randall knowing he could have known [William] for longer.”

“For Beth, she has already experienced this type of loss with her own father, and to get close to another father figure-like person and start to figure out that relationship and then [for] it [to] come to an end, we are so sorry!” she continued. “Sorry we keep doing this!”

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