John Krasinski Says He Would 'Love' to do an 'Office' Reunion: 'Get the Band Back Together'


John Krasinski wants to see what Jim and Pam are up to as much as we do!

The Hollars star and director told Today in a recent interview that if the right reunion project came along, he'd absolutely be on board.

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"I’m looking forward to seeing it as much as anybody," the 37-year-old actor shared. "Someone was asking if we’d do a Christmas special or movie or something and I said yes, I would love to do that just to see where they are."

"So hopefully someone comes up with a really good story and we all get to get the band back together," Krasinski added.

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A trip back to Scranton, Pennsylvania, is something Krasinski has advocated before.

During a longform interview with ET recently, the actor-turned-director spoke fondly of his experience working on the NBC series that would become his breakout role.

"Certainly there will be no more special experience for me in my career than The Office, he explained. "No matter what I do, it's the thing that started out my career, it's the thing I owe every opportunity to, so there's nothing that's going to be as special as The Office.

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