EXCLUSIVE: 'Big Bang Theory' Baby Almost Here -- Watch Bernadette and Howard's Hilarious Hospital Freak-Out!

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The Big Bang Theory's first baby is officially on his/her way!

Tonight's all-new episode will feature an exciting first for the long-running CBS comedy as our tight-knit gang of beauties and geeks will gain a brand new member. (Pssst! We're not going to tell you if it's a baby girl or a baby boy, but you'll definitely discover the truth tonight.)

Baby Wolowitz is almost here and only ET has your exclusive first look at Bernadette and Howard's hilarious hospital freak-out while waiting to meet their bundle of joy.

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"Come on Bernie, breathe," Howard soothingly tells his wife, who is enduring a particularly painful contraction. "Remember what you learned in birthing class."

"I remember thinking, 'This is stupid,' and I was right!" An enraged Bernadette snaps before telling Howard not to call the nurse. "If one more person puts their fingers near my uterus, I'm going to cross my legs and snap them off."

Damn. Hell hath no fury like a Bernadette in labor!

Press play on our exclusive first-look clip above and don't miss The Big Bang Theory when it airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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