'Big Bang Theory': Howard and Bernadette's Baby Has Arrived -- Find Out the Adorably Scientific Name!

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WARNING: If you have not watched tonight's all-new episode of
The Big Bang Theory and do not wish to know the gender and name of Howard and Bernadette's baby, leave now. For everyone else, we're about to pull a Raj and spoil everything for you!

Baby Wolowitz is finally here… and it's a GIRL!

That's right! Early in tonight's all-new episode of The Big Bang Theory, Raj got overly excited during Bernadette's contraction chaos and accidentally revealed to the expecting parents that they were going to have a little girl.

Howard and Bernadette were hoping to hold the surprise until the big moment in the delivery room, but their frustrations with Raj's big mouth were short-lived.

"So, what are we going to name this kid?" Howard asked Bernadette in the hospital in between mild contractions. "Now that we know she's a girl, that kind of ruins my plan for Wally Wolowitz."

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Bernadette sweetly offered to name their little girl after Howard's late mother, Debbie, but the couple decided it wasn't the right fit. "She would have been the best grandma," Howard said fondly while on the verge of tears.

By the end of the episode, Howard excitedly announced to their patiently waiting group of friends that their bundle of joy had safely arrived in the world -- complete with a sweetly scientific name!
"We have named her Halley," Howard gushed to the gang.


"Aww, like Halley's comet?" Leonard asked while Penny squealed with empathetic excitement.

"Exactly," Howard confirmed. "Also like the comet, Bernadette said she's not going to have sex with me for another 75 years."

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But that wasn't the only big surprise of the episode!

As Howard thanked his friends for waiting up for them at the hospital, he made a sly announcement. "I can't wait for Halley to meet her new aunts and uncles -- and godfather," Howard added while looking at a shocked Raj.

It looks like Bernadette and Howard have definitely forgiven their friend for accidentally spilling that baby bombshell!

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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