Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Reunite in New Preview for Season 12 of 'The Voice'


Gwen Stefani looks so rad in her epic return to The Voice promos!

Blake Shelton took to Facebook on Wednesday, sharing a silly teaser titled "One Happy Family" for season 12 of the popular singing competition show that features Blake and his rocker girlfriend (chic in her signature '90s No Doubt garb!) flirting in the kitchen in a sitcom-esque setting.

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"TV's favorite family returns in February - Team BS," Shelton captioned the video, which also includes their fellow judges, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys, and host Carson Daly.

Although Shelton is stoked his girlfriend is making a return, he's sad Miley Cyrus won't have a judging seat this season. While chatting with reporters backstage following the season 11 finale on Tuesday, Shelton compared Cyrus' absence to "not having a rainbow after rain."

"It's like, it's unbelievable. She's brought so much to the show," the "Came Here to Forget" singer, 40, explained. "That's the thing about these coaches coming in and out, it sucks. Look, at this point I wish we could have 16 coaches or however many we've had over the years. There's not been one coach, I can honestly from the bottom of my heart say, there's not been one coach who's come and gone that I don't miss and I don't have a lifelong friendship with now and a lot of which I've recorded with."

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"If you would have told me four or five years ago that I would have a record with Shakira, or Christina Aguilera, or Gwen Stefani, like, it's unbelievable what this show does, not just for the artists that participate, but for the coaches," he continued. "Maybe I'm being selfish ... but Miley is just another one of those [judges] where it's like, 'Golly, can we just have a fifth seat?'"

Shelton also admitted that he would have loved to have had a fifth seat for Stefani during season 11, saying, "You're damn right I want Gwen to come back."

"For obvious reasons, but as far as Gwen as a coach, I think that's what I need to bring the most attention to. There's never been a coach that represents the style of music that Gwen does," he said of his 47-year-old girlfriend. "She has a background in ska music, we all know that, and she was able to transition from that into pop music and I guarantee you, nobody in this room can really compare her to anybody else."

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"That's what's important about her as an artist to the music industry, and that's what's really important about her as a coach on The Voice," he added. "I'd like to sit here and tell ya that I'm a powerful guy, but I had nothing to do with her coming back as a coach. That has to do with people way above me, and obviously we're both excited and high fiving and partying about it when we got the news, but that's because Gwen is special and she deserves this."

As we patiently wait for the new season of The Voice to premiere February 27, 2017 on NBC, watch the video below to hear more on who was crowned the season 11 winner!

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