EXCLUSIVE: Former 'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard on Raising Three Kids and Finding Happiness After Reality TV

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ET got to see firsthand how Emily Maynard Johnson has finally found happiness after The Bachelorette, when we visited the married mother of three at her North Carolina home.

"I can't remember the last time I was bored," Maynard told ET's Jennifer Peros. "We're always going and we just moved, so I'm trying to unpack. My to-do list is a mile long and I don't seem to get any of it done, but it's Christmas time. I'm giving myself a free pass."

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If anybody deserves to be given some slack, it's Maynard. The 30-year-old author's tireless quest for love was plagued with setbacks. In 2004, Maynard's then-fiance, race car driver Ricki Hendrick, died in a plane crash just weeks before Maynard discovered she was pregnant. Then, after a failed engagement to Bachelor Brad Womack in 2011, Maynard took another swing on The Bachelorette in 2012. The season finale saw her getting engaged to Jef Holm before they went their separate ways just months later.

Thankfully, Maynard didn't let her reality TV heartbreaks keep her down in the dumps for long, as she soon got hitched with Tyler Johnson, whom she met at her hometown church.

Today, Maynard and Johnson have two children together (17-month old son Jennings and 3-month-old son Gibson) in addition to Maynard's 11-year old daughter, Ricki, with Hendrick.

Johnson wants to have more children, but right now, Maynard has her hands full chasing around her two littlest ones in her nursery designed by Oilo Studio.

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"The third has been the hardest adjustment I would have to say," Maynard shared. "They're 14 months apart. Jennings took his first consecutive 10 steps in the hospital right after I had Gibson. The day I went to the hospital, he starts walking. I'm like, 'No! Please no! I'm not ready!'"

Maynard admitted she also wasn't ready to be on The Bachelorwhen she got cast for season 15, which aired in 2011.

"My girlfriend wrote in on the website and they called me, and I was like, 'No, no, no,'" she recalled. "I thought it was a prank call and then they read me this letter that she wrote, and it was like the nicest things anybody has ever said about me. I started crying immediately, and they were like, 'We have to have her on the show. She cried on the first phone call. She is on the show.'"

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While Maynard has no regrets about her decision to be a part of The Bachelor family, she told ET in August that she has higher hopes for Ricki.

"I would beg her, hands and knees, 'Please don't do it!'" Maynard said. "But at the same time, it's her choice, but I would hope that she does not. I met my guy at church. Hopefully, she'll meet him at church."