EXCLUSIVE: Ali Larter Dishes on a Possible 'Pitch' Season 2 & Why She Thinks Bawson Should 'Wait a Little'

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After Pitch’s stellar first season left the fate of Major League Baseball’s first female pitcher on a dramatic cliffhanger, fans have just one question: Will there be a season 2?

Thankfully, series star Ali Larter says things are “looking good” for the Fox baseball drama.

“I've heard some whispers, yeah,” Larter told ET’s Deidre Behar at a junket for her new film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, at the London West Hollywood on Saturday. “It's looking really good!”

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“What's interesting is, I signed on to that at the last minute,” Larter said of the series. “I was trying to take some time off, and then once again, this really special project comes and [executive producers] Dan Fogelman and Kevin Falls, incredible writers… each script exceeded my expectations.”

Larter’s character, Amelia Slater, ended Pitch's first season on a controversial note -- getting on a plane despite seeing her client, San Diego Padres pitcher Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury), go down with an injury during her final start of the MLB season -- but the actress has a sunnier outlook on what’s next for the no-nonsense agent.

“I think she's sitting in Cabo right now sipping margaritas!” she said with a laugh.

As for whether or not Ginny and Amelia will be able to patch things up in the show’s hypothetical second season?

"I think people can get too close, and when I think about Amelia, she put everything she had in Ginny, and that's a lot of pressure for anyone to handle," Larter explained. "I also think that Ginny took a lot of bad advice and maybe drank some of her own Kool-Aid a little bit."

"So I think a little bit of time apart isn't a bad thing, but I definitely could see Amelia going, 'OK, I need to reevaluate my life,'" she added.

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Larter also had some opinions on Ginny’s relationship with veteran catcher Mike Lawson (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), with whom Amelia also had a short-lived tryst. Though “Bawson” fans were itching for the teammates to take their relationship to the next level -- even before their almost-kiss in the freshman season’s penultimate episode -- Larter thinks the producers of Pitch “should wait a little bit” before cashing in on the pair’s obvious chemistry.

“You know what? I think it's early,” she admitted. “When I first was watching this show, and when you think about [shows like] Cheers and when you think about the great relationships, you can't put them together too soon. It's really fun to tease it, but to give up the sugar too easily, it’s like, you know, you can't get down on a first date!”

Between Pitch and the final installment of the Resident Evil series, Larter had a pretty diverse career year in 2016, which she said is thrilling as an artist: “There's something really wonderful about being able to be in this like, kicka** zombie action film taking names, and at the same time, being able to be in a real family-friendly positive show with really interesting characters.”

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The actress also opened up about starring in projects with strong female leads at the center -- from Bunbury in Pitch to Resident Evil series star Milla Jovovich -- something she says she’s proud of, but isn’t at the forefront of her mind when she’s weighing a role.

“I love being part of them, but I don't choose them for that reason specifically,” Larter explained. “When I chose to go on to this franchise, that was definitely something that excited me, especially in the world of action movies. Milla and Resident Evil was really at the forefront of doing that... and is still doing it. So to be part of that, and do three movies -- really it's about female empowerment in a female-led action franchise -- it's incredible.”

“With the other things, like Pitch or Legally Blonde, they're not necessarily just about this group of women. I like to choose women that aren't just the girlfriend or the wife,” she continued. “They have layers and truth and power and their struggle. They make mistakes and they're messy. That's something that I try to find in the roles I do, and I don't mind my characters being a little bit of a loudmouth at times.”

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
opens in theater Jan. 27.

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