EXCLUSIVE: Pregnant 'Grey's Anatomy' Star Camilla Luddington Talks Co-Stars' Mommy Advice, On-Set 'Play Dates'

Luddington admits to ET it's been difficult hiding her growing baby bump and teases Jo and Alex's future.

Grey’s Anatomy
star Camilla Luddington is enjoying her pregnancy journey, and she’s even sought out advice from her co-stars as she prepares for the birth of her first child.

“What’s wonderful about our culture on set is everyone’s so supportive of each other. I’m a first-time mummy, so it’s been amazing to pick the brains of the other girls and say, ‘Is this OK? What do you think of this? How do you like this?” Luddington, 33, told ET at Disney/ABC’s Television Critics Association all-star cocktail party.

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It’s been baby central over on the Grey’s set; Ellen Pompeo recently welcomed her third child and Caterina Scorsone gave birth to her second child in November.


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“It’s been great to be surrounded by so many moms,” the British actress added, revealing that she’s already thought about future dream dates on set. “In my head, I’m imagining huge play dates mid-O.R. scene!”

But don’t expect Luddington’s pregnancy to be written into the show. As the actress revealed, it’s become increasingly difficult for the producers to find unique ways to hide her growing baby bump.

“I’m already in trouble,” she admitted. “I think they’re getting to the point where they might have to green screen/CGI it out actually, which they really do! Any time Justin [Chambers] hugs me, he’s like, ‘I can feel the bump!’”

Though Luddington was coy about the sex of her baby, she promised that she would be announcing it shortly. “Probably next week,” she shared.

As for the future of Jo and Alex, Luddington hopes they can resolve their issues and get back together.

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“I am Team Jolex, but they’re just so messy,” she said, referencing the fall finale when Alex seemingly decided to turn himself in. “And with the midseason finale, it was really difficult to film. I’m really rooting for them. I know he’s doing this for her. It’s a dramatic return.”

Additional reporting by Angelique Jackson. 

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