'X-Files' Inches Closer to Another Season on Fox, Possibly in 2018


It looks like the future for The X-Files is bright.

At Fox’s executive session at the Television Critics Association on Wednesday, execs addressed the possibility for additional episodes of the sci-fi franchise following the six-episode series that aired in early 2016.

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“We hope so,” David Madden, president of entertainment at the Fox Broadcasting Company, told reporters of the chances for another season. “A lot of conversations [are] going on; these conversations are complex, but we hope to be able to announce something about that shortly."

There also appears to be a timeframe in which Fox hopes to bring a new season, which would likely feature an episode count closer in line with the revival -- if everything goes according to plan.

"It won't be 22 [episodes], but we are hoping for more than six. That's our goal," Madden told a handful of reporters after the session, according to E! Online. "The ideal is to get it ready for '18. Whether or not it would be January... We feel like there is progress being made."

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Though not a formal pickup, the update is promising.

Back in August, Madden offered less concrete details on the network’s hopes for a new X-Files installment, which would see the return of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as Scully and Mulder, respectively.

“We would obviously love to do another season,” Madden told reporters at the time. “There are significant talks going on with all three of the principals. Schedules are hard, but we’re working hard to get this done and we would love to get another season out.”

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