EXCLUSIVE: Dana Carvey Tells Regis Philbin How He Helped Inspire His Donald Trump Impression

The comedian credits the veteran TV personality, along with an Oscar-winning screen legend, with shaping his Trump voice.

As Regis Philbin wraps up his week as a guest co-host on Hallmark Channel's daytime talk show Home & Family, the veteran TV personality sat down with his longtime friend, comedian Dana Carvey, who revealed the role Philbin played in his spot-on Donald Trump impression.

"I was on stage the other night doing stand-up, and I started to do Trump," Carvey recounted to Philbin, his wife, Joy, and Home & Family co-hosts Mark Steines and Debbie Matenopoulos. "And I figured out that the way I got Trump was I started with you, then I added [Marlon] Brando, and that gave me Trump."

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Carvey, a renowned impressionist, then showed how the blending worked, starting with his amazing impression of Philbin, his pitch-perfect Brando, and then blending them together into an impersonation of the president-elect. It was also the first time Carvey demonstrated his Trump impression on TV.

Carvey went on to talk about why Trump makes for such an amusing personality to recreate, explaining, "Whatever your politics are, your lizard brain just likes some of the stuff he does."

As an example, Carvey cited the recent international scandal that arose when China seized an underwater drone in international waters. The comic joked that, while President Obama had a very intricate, politically complex idea for how to handle the delicate situation, "Trump just tweets, 'They can keep it.'"

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"Part of you is going, 'Wow! You can say that?!'" Carvey added.

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