'HTGAWM' Star Alfred Enoch Talks Wes' Shocking Death: 'There's Something to Be Tied Up'

Enoch's co-star Billy Brown also promised fans 'more body oil' when the show returns on Jan. 26

Wes may have died on How to Get Away With Murder, but Alfred Enoch's not done with the character just yet!

ET's Leanne Aguilera sat down with Enoch and his co-star, Billy Brown, at ABC's Television Critics Association press day in Pasadena, California, on Tuesday, where they revealed their reaction to finding out that Wes wasn't going to survive the season. 

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"I was bummed!" Brown said. "[Enoch] is a great guy to work with. [He has] a lot of charm and [is] fun, so anytime you lose a cast member abruptly -- we knew something was happening clearly -- but you can't control the tides of this creative process. Ultimately, it's the storyline that we're serving."

Good news for fans! They'll still see Enoch in flashbacks as the team searches for his killer, but he and Brown revealed that they know as little as the viewers do about the culprit. 

"They tell us nothing," Brown shared.

"I've stopped speculating," Enoch agreed. "There's something to be tied up. We need to find out what happened to Wes, and once we do, I think the story will charge on with its own inevitable fashion."

Though they can't offer clues to Wes' killer, the co-stars were more than happy to offer fans a little tease ahead of the show's midseason premiere on Jan. 26.

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"More skin, more body oil, more darkness, more mystery, more guns and knives and love-making," Brown promised.
"How could I [add to that]?" Enoch asked. "You can't polish perfection."

While Brown and Enoch certainly have love for each other, their admiration for Viola Davis is through the roof after the actress' Golden Globes win for her role in Fences on Sunday.

"I was very happy for her," Brown said. "I knew she was special, but to see her peers award her with that is beautiful."

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"It's nice to see work of that quality recognized because that is what you hope is going to happen the people that deserve it," Enoch added. "Viola is an actor of incredible talent quality and skill and it's nice to see that recognized."

As for whether the two could see HTGAWM continue on should Davis decide to pursue film projects full time? They say not a chance.

"That's preposterous! Impossible!" Enoch said, while Brown confessed the show "would be a wrap."

How to Get Away With Murder
returns Thursday, Jan. 26 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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