Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Have a Secret Red-Hot Romance on 'Mom' -- Find Out What Happened!


The real-life husband and wife team up for Thursday's episode.

Real-life couple Anna Faris and Chris Pratt turned up the heat on Mom this week, and their on-screen chemistry couldn’t have been hotter.

Pratt appeared on his wife’s CBS sitcom for the first time on Thursday, playing Nick, a horse trainer and riding instructor, who immediately (and we mean immediately) connects with Christy (Faris). What starts out as an innocent flirtation quickly turns physical, with the two having sex on barrels of hay in a horse stable well before their first official date.

“I’ll gladly be your dirty little secret,” Nick tells Christy, who is even more turned on: “Oh god, that just makes it hotter.”

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Things go hilariously downhill from there after they choose to keep their fling a secret.

On Nick and Christy’s date, Nick shows his affections a little too much at dinner, planting kisses all over (and we mean all over) Christy’s face and neck, so aggressively the poor waiter serving them questions his own sanity. “I’ll come back to take your order when you’re done eating,” the waiter quips to no avail, as Nick continues to make out with Christy, catching the disdain of their fellow diners.

Red flags continue to fly when Nick becomes obsessed with Christy’s “perfect” hands and lets it slip that he’s already thinking about the “M” word. Yup, already. “I’m going to be sharing the bone-in tomahawk rib-eye with the woman I’m going to marry,” Nick says nonchalantly. What?!

Even more awkward, Christy shows her mom, Bonnie (Allison Janney), a hand-drawn sketch of her with a horse’s body that Nick drew after they slept together. As if on cue, the sounds of Nick's (off-key) singing and guitar strumming seep into the bedroom, as he tries to woo Christy once more.

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It’s when Christy reveals her secret rendezvous with Nick that she finds out that he’s “not well.” Literally. According to Nick’s aunt Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy), he’s lived “most of his life in a… facility” and “feels things very deeply.”

The depth of Nick’s mental state becomes abundantly clearer when Christy goes to the horse stable to break up with him, and he responds in an undeterred, almost creepily happy, fashion as if he’s not fully understanding what she’s saying, “OK!… It’s not really over.” “No, Nick, it really is.” “OK!” “So we’re clear, we’re not going to see each other.” “You’re such a silly!”

But for Christy, 19 months of no between-the-sheets action is too much for her to bear, and well, crazy attracts crazy! “What am I supposed to do with this broken heart?” Nick innocently asks, which makes Christy putty in his hands: “Oh what the hell, I’m crazy too!” Let’s be real, who can resist Chris Pratt?!

Earlier this week, ET exclusively debuted a featurette where Pratt, 37, and Faris, 40, gushed about working together on Mom.

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“We get to have this really nice relationship,” Faris said of Pratt’s guest appearance.

“We have a sex scene, like a sexy scene,” added Pratt. “We've been rehearsing that for 10 years.”

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