Dick Wolf Says 'Law & Order: SVU's' Controversial Trump-Inspired Episode May Air 'This Spring'

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Wolf addressed the future of the oft-delayed episode.

Will Law & Order: SVU’s Donald Trump-inspired episode ever air?

“I don’t know when it’s going to air,” creator Dick Wolf told reporters Wednesday at NBC’s Television Critics Association press tour when asked about the future of the controversial episode.

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The episode in question, titled “Unstoppable,” centers on a Trump-esque character played by Gary Cole, whose political campaign “goes haywire when several women go public with damaging accusations.” Since last October, the episode has been delayed several times.

“The episode is an episode that was written months ago,” Wolf said. “I don’t know when it’s going to air. They’ll tell me. I don’t control scheduling.”

When pressed, Wolf elaborated on when he foresees the episode making it to the small screen, offering some optimism that it could see the light of day before the current TV season is over.

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“To put it honestly, I never pressure the network to schedule anything in a specific way, except crossovers,” he explained. “I haven’t been informed when it’s going to air. I suspect it will be this spring, but I don’t know.”

Wolf’s comments come months after NBC officially pulled the episode off the schedule last November, after delaying its airdate at least twice.

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