Stephen Colbert Brings Back 'Colbert Report' Persona to Say Goodbye to President Obama

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Stephen Colbert is back to his satirizing ways!

The Late Show host reprised the conservative pundit persona he made famous on the Colbert Report on Thursday's show to bid farewell to President Barack Obama -- though, for legal reasons, the late-night comedian technically appeared as the "identical cousin" of his classic character.

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From there, Colbert launched into a segment not unlike his popular "The Word" segment (called "The Werd," 'cause again, lawyers), to reflect on the now-former president's eight years in the White House through a brazen faux-conservative bent.

"Well, well, well... At long last, our America-hating, secret Muslim, lead-from-behind, terrorist-fist-bumping, hopey-changey, apologist-in-chief is leaving office," the 52-year-old comedian riffed. "Thanks, Obama. You reminded guys like me what we truly stand for: the opposite of whatever you said."

Watch the entire segment below.

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