EXCLUSIVE: Dorit Kemsley Puts 'RHOBH' Panty-Gate to Rest, But Teases More Erika Girardi Drama to Come

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“It’s been a roller coaster ride.”

That’s how Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie Dorit Kemsley describes her reality TV experience so far, which has largely focused on a scandal now known as “panty-gate.”

“I think the thing that’s surprised me most is that you have to be accountable for what you say and do,” Dorit tells ET. “Whereas [without cameras], you might just live without thinking that you have to rehash something you said 95 times.”

Panty-gate might not have been brought up 95 times this season, but it has been a topic of discussion multiple times over the last five episodes. It all started when Erika Girardi attended an event sans underwear, and Dorit’s husband, PK, caught a glimpse up her skirt. PK brought up the moment to Dorit, who then discussed it with the other women before gifting Erika with a pair of panties to wear next time she thinks of going commando. The underwear wasn’t exactly well received, and that, of course, started a whole new dialogue around the incident.

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“Yeah, it was a mistake,” Dorit admits. “It sort of got bigger and bigger. Really, I gave her the panties to be playful, and to kind of make light of something … it didn't go over very well, and I appreciate that. I'm regretful for it, but needless to say, it was never done with bad intentions.”

Erika’s lack of undies has become the unexpected central drama of season seven, but Dorit reveals it wasn’t as drawn-out in real life as it seems on the show.

“It was probably over, like, a two or three-week period,” she shares. “You know, you go various days without seeing one another … when Eileen [Davidson] would bring it up over and over, it felt like, what exactly is the purpose of this? I'm not quite getting it.”

Last week’s episode featured what Dorit promises is the final panty-related discussion, with the 40-year-old former swimwear designer, Eileen and Lisa Rinna facing off over underwear one last time… over lunch.

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“I would say the thing I’ve learned most is, I speak in a certain way that either offends people, or somehow that has created a real talk,” Dorit says. “These women all knew each other, and they were better at this and more experienced at this than I was, you know, as a newcomer.”

“I definitely learned a lot in this process,” she adds. “Live and learn.”

Dorit says, thankfully, the worst of the season is behind her. The same can’t be said of her co-stars, namely fellow new addition Eden Sassoon.

“I try and warn her a little bit, as you’ll see in the next few weeks, having gone through it, you know?” Dorit teases. “I really like her, so I wanted to forewarn her with some of the mistakes I have made.”

Eden inserts herself even more into the Kim Richards-Lisa Rinna battle in upcoming episodes, something the other ladies have largely learned to avoid over the years.

“She definitely gets into it,” Dorit notes. “She gets into it hard.”

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Drama will swing back Dorit’s way near the end of the season, though, as she and Erika once again get into it. The season trailer promises a strong exchange of words between the women on the all-cast trip to Hong Kong.

“I don't like bullsh**, Dorit, and that's what I think you are,” Erika says.

“Then why don’t you just f**king say it?” Dorit asks.

“I just did,” Erika fires back.

“It was definitely one for the storybooks,” Dorit jokes. “I was very, very surprised and shocked by some of the things that happened on the trip. Blindsided, as that's been used, over and over. And, I think, much like I've done previously, I had to stand up for myself and hold my own.”

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