EXCLUSIVE: 'Summer House' Cast Weighs in on Lauren and Carl's Romance -- It Fizzles Pretty Fast!

Lauren Wirkus catches Carl Radke in a lie on the Bravo hit's next episode.

Lauren Wirkus and Carl Radke’s Summer House fling might be over before it even has a chance to start.

ET has your exclusive first look at the new Bravo hit’s next episode, which finds Carl in a little lie.

The gang is headed out for dinner, but Carl’s unable to make it, because he’s at a wedding. Now, Carl told Lauren he was taking his mom as his date to said wedding, but a picture he sent to housemate Stephen McGee says otherwise.

“Lauren gets a photo from Carl,” Stephen explains. “It’s Carl and his mom, it’s cute. And I get a photo, and it’s Carl and another girl.”

“Dumb,” Lauren’s twin sister, Ashley, weighs in. “I told you he’s gross.”

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Lauren, Ashley and co-star Kyle Cooke recently dropped by ET to talk about Lauren and Carl’s summer fling, which Ashley suggests does not last very long.

“This summer was full, let's just say, of some ups and downs,” Lauren tells ET.

“The whole [relationship], it is a roller coaster, and you're along for the ride,” Ashley adds.

“The summer is a test to a lot of relationships,” Kyle says. “There's a lot that's unfolding. There's some ex-girlfriends that pop up in the scene, you know, some ex-boyfriends. So, it really runs the gamut.”

Just two episodes in, viewers have already watched Lauren and Carl hook up a couple times -- once, they broke Carl’s bed.

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“You [were] nervous to have your family watch you, like, straddle a guy in a bed,” Ashley pokes her sister.

“You own it, right?” Lauren says. “It's part of life … It was all in good fun.”

The cast also says there’s a lot more for viewers to look forward to as the season unfolds -- some things they don’t even remember. (Thanks, rosé!)

“Everyone let loose,” Lauren confesses. “We all traded places, like who was the wildest one on a weekend.”

“Yeah, some moments I wouldn't say we're re-living,” Kyle jokes. “I'd say we're living.”

“I think Kyle definitely learned that his rosé tolerance is quite low [this summer],” Ashley shares.

“More of that to come,” Kyle adds. “I think we have a 'no regret' mentality, but it's hilarious to re-live it, or as I said, live it. I think, generally speaking, I don't mind being embarrassed if people laugh and it's at my expense.”

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