Aaron Paul Playfully Suggests 'Maybe I Already Shot' 'Breaking Bad' Reunion on 'Better Call Saul' -- Watch!

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Don't play with our hopes and dreams, Aaron Paul!

The Breaking Bad star appeared on Tuesday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he coyly teased that he may be reprising his role as Jesse Pinkman on the upcoming season of the AMC series' popular spinoff, Better Call Saul

"God, I hope so," the 37-year-old actor responded when asked by DeGeneres whether he would be on the show.

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"Maybe I already shot the..." Paul playfully added, before trailing off. "They just wrapped the last season ... Could be!"

Oh, come on, man!

Watch the teasy moment below.

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Meanwhile, Paul spoke to ET more extensively about his possible cameo while promoting his new Hulu show, The Path, at the Hulu Winter Television Critics' Association press tour recently, where he pointed out one big logistical challenge to him appearing in the prequel -- his character would be so young!

"Jesse would be in middle school," he explained. "I know I can play young, but I don’t know if I could play that young."

That's actually... a very good point.

Still, Paul says, "But if it did happen, I don’t know. I’m absolutely on board, of course."

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"It has to just make sense with the show. They’re not going to just throw Jesse in the show [just so] Aaron Paul can have a cameo," he said. They are so precious with their material and it has to be honest and told in a very honest way."

Which is not to say he has no interest!

"I saw all of them [the showrunners] yesterday [Friday, Jan. 6] after the AFI luncheon and I just teased with the powers that be, 'When am I going to come in for a wardrobe fitting?' They wouldn’t tell me."

And Better Call Saul's far from the only major gig on Paul's mind.

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ET asked whether he'd appear on the upcoming season of Stranger Things, a show the actor has very vocally expressed being a fan of.

"To be honest, I did get a really nice email from the Duffer brothers just saying thank you for the support and we had a back and forth communication. It was great, but we have not talked about [a cameo]," he shared. "It’s a beautiful show and I’m so happy for them. They did it in such a unique way with such a throwback to films I grew up loving. It was nice."

Watch the video below to see Paul's Breaking Bad co-star, Bryan Cranston, explain why he doesn't feel the need to step back into Walter White's shoes.

Additional reporting by Philiana Ng.