Your Ultimate 'Scandal' Cheat Sheet: Here's What to Remember Before Watching Season 6!


After 259 days of impatiently waiting (Umm... hell yes we've been counting!) Scandal is finally back!

D.C.'s most notorious fixer, Olivia Pope, returns to ABC's beloved TGIT line-up tonight in the highly anticipated season six premiere, and we can promise that you're in for one hell of a ride.

But before you Gladiators pop a straw in that bottle of pinot noir, we at ET want to help you remember the most shocking twists and gut-wrenching turns from season five. Read on to find out where we last left Olivia, Fitz, Mellie and all the rest of your favorite scandalous characters!

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Olivia (Kerry Washington)

Where We Left Her:
Sheesh, what didn't Olivia do last season? She went from being the president's mistress, to a (briefly) engaged woman, the White House's newest resident, and then D.C.'s most complicated single lady. She brutally murdered the former vice president by bashing his head in with a chair, got a secret abortion, and agreed to take back the White House by teaming up with Mellie as her presidential campaign manager. Her last act of triumph was rescuing Jake from her father's commanding clutches and successfully handling him in place as Mellie's running mate in the election.

Fitz (Tony Goldwyn)

Where We Left Him:
Fitz was absolutely crushed when Olivia moved out and ended their relationship, but after a brief bedroom dalliance with a female journalist (and many more White House hussies) Fitz happily accepted his new role as the United States’ most eligible bachelor -- that is until Abby swiftly slut-shamed him back into his place. He ended the season in full support of Mellie's race to be the first female president run, while dreaming of his own post-politician life. He even hinted that a jam-filled house in Vermont with Olivia could still be a possibility…

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Mellie (Bellamy Young)

Where We Left Her:
The biggest lesson we learned last season? Hell hath no fury like a Mellie scorned! After getting served with divorce papers from Fitz, Mellie grabbed her leftover White House hooch and moved right into a spot in the Senate. She shocked and surprised the American people with her impressive day-long filibuster on behalf of Planned Parenthood, and defeated Hollis Doyle and VP Susan Ross in the race to be the Republican candidate for the next president of the United States. With Olivia as her campaign manager and Jake as her new running-mate, the only thing left is election night.


Jake (Scott Foley)

Where We Left Him:
Oh, Jake. This former B613 agent had the most complicated romantic life of anyone else last season. First, he discovered that his ex-wife was actually alive, only to be devastated all over again when he found her dead in a train station. Then, on orders from Papa Pope, he married D.C. darling Vanessa Moss and poisoned her father so that he could gain access to his new bride's inheritance. He ended the season asking Liv to move into a "completely ordinary" house with him and start a mundane life together, but she swiftly shut him down. Ouch.

Cyrus (Jeff Perry)

Where We Left Him:
D.C.'s master manipulator truly outdid himself last year. After getting fired from his position as Fitz's chief of staff, Cy handpicked the next political puppet that he could secretly control: Francisco Vargas. He set up a (completely fake!) hostage situation so Vargas would look like an American hero and then shoved him into the presidential spotlight as the Democratic nominee. After double crossing all of his most high-powered friends, it was revealed that Cyrus is Vargas' pick to be his vice presidential running mate in the election.

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Abby (Darby Stanchfield)

Where We Left Her:
No more gladiating for Abby! The fiery redhead dominated as the White House's newest press secretary, but her desire for power only grew stronger. She ruthlessly stabbed Cyrus in the back, (since this is Scandal, we'll clarify that this was done metaphorically,) and stepped into his shoes as Fitz's chief of staff.

Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Huck (Guillermo Diaz)

Where We Left Them:
We're not going to lie, it was a pretty uneventful season for Quinn ad Huck in the world of Scandal. They continued their investigative and blackmailing work as OPA's gophers – ahem, we mean Gladiators – and even recruited newbie Marcus to join their sadistic little company. Huck decided it was time to finally let his former family go and Quinn continued her bizarrely twisted relationship with B613 assassin Charlie.

returns tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC!

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