'Scandal' Season 6 Premiere Completely Changed Everything -- Relive the 7 Most Shocking Moments!

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WARNING: We're about to discuss the most shocking, explosive and deadly moments from tonight's season six premiere of Scandal. If you have not watched Olivia Pope's triumphant return to TGIT, leave now! For everyone else, grab a bottle of red and prepare to gasp…

And once again, our Thursday nights are complete!

made its highly anticipated return to ABC's TGIT lineup tonight with an explosive season six premiere, and we're here to catch you up on the seven most jaw-dropping moments of the evening!

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1. When Mellie Lost the Election:
Despite the fact that she had Olivia freakin' Pope as her campaign manager, the race to the White House was as close as it could possible be. It all came down to just one county in California, and in the end, the nation was, unfortunately, not on Team Jellie. (That's Mellie and Jake, natch.) The only upside to this ego-crushing loss was a truly exquisite scene with Mellie and Olivia sitting in a hotel bathtub, talking s**t and passing a bottle of un-celebratory champagne between them. "I will be gracious out there," Mellie confessed to Liv. "In here, I will be spiteful and petty." That's the Mellie we know and love!

2. When President-Elect Vargas Was Shot:
Just as President-elect Frankie Vargas was about to address the nation following his win, a sniper horrifically shot him three times on stage during the live coverage. While the American people were given vague details about Vargas' condition in the hospital, Fitz, Abby and the rest of D.C.'s most high-powered elite knew the truth: the president-elect was dead.

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3. When No One Could Figure Out Who the Hell Would Be President:
With Vargas dead just a few hours after being announced as the next commander in chief, everyone was wondering who would technically be the next in line to be president? Vargas' running mate, Cyrus, or the other presidential candidate, Mellie? Naturally, David Rosen had the answer: "The reality is, Mr. President, the next president of the United States is who you say it is," he told Fitz.

4. When Papa Pope Pointed Out the Perfect Killer:
Liv immediately confronted her father to see if he was, once again, the master manipulator behind this shooting. Papa Pope surprisingly did not take credit for killing Vargas, but he did point out the one person who would have the most to gain from doing so. "Who would quite literally kill for this job?" he prompted Olivia. Two words: Cyrus Bean.

5. When Someone Popped the Question:
This episode wasn't all doom and gloom! When Olivia ordered her OPA gladiators to dive headfirst into investigating if Cyrus did indeed kill Vargas, Charlie wanted to blow it all off and whisk Quinn away to the Caribbean to propose. "You look like you're going to vomit," Charlie said after looking at Quinn's horrified face. But by the end of the hour, and one near-death experience later, Quinn said yes!

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6. When Fitz Named Cyrus President:
Despite the fact that Mellie told Fitz that she desperately still wanted to wear "the crown" as the first female president of the United States, she did not get her wish. Instead, Fitz offered the spot to Cyrus who was found in a state of total and complete shock in the hospital over his running mate's death. Looks like Liv's gut was wrong, Cyrus didn't do it…

7. When Olivia Confronted Cyrus With the Truth:
Psych! Come on, people -- this is Scandal. Liv's gut is ALWAYS right! By the end of the hour, Olivia and her trusty team of gladiators were able to confirm via a deleted FBI tip-off that Cyrus Bean was in fact the orchestrator of Frankie Vargas' death. "I knew you could pretend to grieve for one day, but two days in a row? Who knew you had the acting chops?" Olivia whispered into Cyrus' ear while pretending to give him her condolences. "You son of a b**ch. I know you killed him and I'm gong to prove it."

And just like that, Scandal is officially back!

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