'Grey's Anatomy': Alex Ends Up in the Most Unexpected Place -- Find Out What Happened!

Plus, find out where Amelia's been hiding out.

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven’t watched Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Wait, Alex Karev was where?!

Grey’s Anatomy revealed what happened to Alex (Justin Chambers) after the massive cliffhanger in the fall finale, where it seemed as though he was about to take a plea deal for beating up Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Giannotti), which would have resulted in a lengthy prison sentence.

Turns out, the suspended Grey-Sloan Memorial doctor was hiding out in Meredith’s bedroom. You read that right, Alex was sleeping in her bed all day.

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After spending a full day at multiple county jails trying to locate Alex after not hearing from him (the court database proved incredibly unhelpful), Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) dejectedly called it quits on her search, trudging into her darkened bedroom after an eventful 24 hours and plopping down on her neatly-made bed. Only, Alex was under the covers.

“Alex!” asks Meredith, relieved and shocked that her friend was just steps away all this time. “Wait, I’ve been looking for you all day.”

“I’ve been here. I’ve been sleeping,” Alex answers, before Meredith pushes him back onto the bed.

“All day?!” Meredith asks Alex, to which he responds with a smirk: “All. Day.”

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Does this mean Alex didn’t take the plea deal? Is Meredith harboring a fugitive?

While we’ll have to wait another week to find out exactly what’s been going on with Alex, the promo for the next episode at least shed some light. “What happened?” Meredith asks, while Maggie (Kelly McCreary) chimes in with one very important question: “Are you in hiding?”

Meredith’s current Alex ordeal also seeps into her professional life, as she vehemently puts her foot down when Miranda (Chandra Wilson) asks her to step in line and support new residency director Eliza (Marika Dominczyk). It’s clear from the teaser that Miranda isn’t having any of Meredith’s shenanigans.

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On Thursday’s episode, Amelia’s (Caterina Scorsone) whereabouts were also revealed: The neurosurgeon has been hiding out at Stephanie’s (Jerrika Hinton) apartment while she tries to get her life in order.

It doesn’t take long before Owen (Kevin McKidd) figures out that Stephanie has been keeping Amelia under her roof. “Tell her to come home,” Owen pleads with Stephanie, who relays the message to the Amelia. Will she heed Owen’s advice and go back to him?

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