Alec Baldwin Gets Nostalgic About His History with 'SNL' in Hilarious New Promo


Alec Baldwin
is hosting Saturday Night Live for the 17th time this weekend, and his beautifully-shot black-and-white promo is a reflective look at his history with the show.

"This was my home. This was my heartbeat. It feels like so many lifetimes ago," Baldwin says in a gravelly voice over as he walks the halls of Studio 8H while mementos of his famous sketches flash across the screen.

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"I thought I had said goodbye, but the pull of fate is undeniable. So I must return. I must find the strength to--” Baldwin's contemplative internal monologue is cut short when SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer interrupts his train of thought.

"Alec, you were just here, like, yesterday," Bayer says, annoyed. "It's not that big a deal."

After Bayer walks off stage, Baldwin returns to his internal monologue while looking into the camera: "Oh, it's a big deal."

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While the Golden Globe winner hasn't served as an SNL host since the Season 37 premiere in September 2011, he's been a recurring guest star this season where he's portrayed President Donald Trump 10 times -- including in the most recent episode, hosted by Kristen Stewart.

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Fans are interested in seeing how much Baldwin mocks Trump when he gets the chance to host, and many are hoping for an encore performance by Melissa McCarthy, who stole the spotlight last week with her epic impression of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

For more on the 30 Rock alum's acclaimed impression of the 70-year-old former Celebrity Apprentice star, check out the video below.