Alec Baldwin's 13 Funniest 'Saturday Night Live' Moments

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Alec Baldwin is hosting Saturday Night Live for the 17th time this weekend, after guest starring all season playing President Donald Trump.

While fans are no doubt excited to see how Baldwin lampoons the president when he gets a chance to host, the momentous occasion has us feeling nostalgic for all the great comedy the Golden Globe winner has brought to the show since his first time hosting back in October 1990.

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Over the past 26 years, Baldwin's career has taken a lot of twists and turns (as has SNL), but his comedic timing and spot-on impressions have never faltered. There's a reason he's hosted more than anyone else in the show's history.

In celebration of his illustrious past with the long-running sketch series, let's take a look at some of Baldwin's best appearances (in no particular order).

1. NPR’s Delicious Dish with Pete Schweddy

Easily Baldwin's most iconic sketch, this 5-minute bit is timeless and cemented his SNL legend status long ago.

2. Glengarry Glen-Christmas

In this parody of Baldwin's acclaimed scene in Glengarry Glen Ross, he reprises his role as a no-nonsense fixer who tries some tough guy tactics to motivate a few of Santa's elves.

3. Wii Guys

This goofy sketch -- which feels like more of a Shake Weight parody than anything else -- might not be the most high-brow brand of humor, but it's still just laugh out loud funny.

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4. All the Times He Played Donald Trump

We're just going to compile his season 42 appearances as Trump into one entry, since each is just as funny (and utterly brutal) as the next. However, his first appearance in the season premiere's cold open is still one of the most impactful.

5. The Joe Pesci Show

While Baldwin's Trump impression is understandably getting a lot of love, it’s important to remember that he's got a lot of really masterful impersonations in his arsenal.

6. Brenda the Waitress

This bizarrely hilarious sketch is a masterclass in comedic timing, and while it's more surrealist art house short film than comedy skit, Baldwin's chemistry with the late Jan Hooks is unmatched.

7. The Tony Bennett Show

Another flawless impression Baldwin is rightly famous for is his Tony Bennett, and it's even funnier when the real Tony Bennett is sitting right there with him trying not to laugh.

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8. Platinum Lounge

The only person who has come close to Baldwin's hosting record is Steve Martin, who's hosted 15 times, and the show has often made light of their (fictitious) rivalry. However, it all came together with precision in this season 32 cold open.

9. Capt. Steve Rogers

A few years ago, Baldwin made headlines when he was kicked off a plane after acting like kind of a diva. To smooth things over, Capt. Steve Rogers made a surprise appearance on "Weekend Update" to praise the star, much to Seth Meyers' discomfort.

10. Timecrowave

In this infomercial, Baldwin hawks a microwave that utilizes the power of time travel to cook frozen meals, and things go as badly as you'd expect them to.

11. Fourth Jonas Brother

Even though the sketch is clearly dated -- what with the Jonas Bros. not even being a band anymore -- watching Baldwin try to fit in with hip 20-somethings is just amazing.

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12. All My Children Wrap Party

When All My Children finally came to an end, there was inevitably going to be drama at the final wrap party, but who knew so many (insane and idiotic) secrets would be revealed? Anytime SNL mocks the inherent insanity of melodramatic daytime soaps, it's comedy gold.

13. Top Gun Screen Tests

While SNL's brilliant "Screen Test" sketches are always a showcase for some amazing celebrity impressions (perhaps the best of which is Bill Hader's Alan Alda), Baldwin delivers a brilliant and unexpected mid-1980s Al Pacino impression that's just flawless.

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