Melissa McCarthy Kisses Hubby Ben Falcone While Dressed as Sean Spicer Backstage at 'SNL'


McCarthy returned as a louder, crazier Sean Spicer in this week's new Alec Baldwin-hosted 'Saturday Night Live.'

Melissa McCarthy reprised her impression
of White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, and celebrated her return with a PDA-packed kiss with her husband, Ben Falcone, backstage, while fully decked out in her Spicer costume and make-up.

McCarthy took to Instagram to share a pic of the hilarious smooch, which she captioned, "That's a Spicey kiss!"

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It was also a "Spicey" performance she delivered in the episode's cold open, bringing even more vengeful insanity to this week's White House press conference.

McCarthy's Spicer upped the ante when it came to how aggressively she answered the press corps' questions – including using a leaf blower to knock papers out of one reporter's hands – and made even better use of some props.

In order to explain what President Donald Trump meant by "extreme vetting" when it comes to immigration and terrorism, Spicer pulled out a G.I. Joe-like doll, which she says represented immigration control agent.

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Spicer also pulled out a Barbie doll and said how she'd be allowed into the U.S. because she's blonde. After which, the press secretary pulled out a Moana doll, who Spicer said would be sent to Guantanamo Bay.

Spicer also introduced controversial Attorney General pick Jeff Sessions, hilariously played by Kate McKinnon. But he was quickly ushered off the stage when he started discussing "black crime."

Finally, to close out the sketch on an even higher note than last week -- when Spicer repeatedly rammed reporters with the podium – the press secretary drove the motorized podium into the crowd of reporters and chased them down as they fled the room.

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With Alec Baldwin hosting SNL this week, for the 17th time, fans were expecting the sketches to be rather political and for Baldwin to play Trump at least once.

The time finally came when Baldwin's Trump sued the three 9th Circuit Court judges who ruled against him to People's Court, where the judge (Cecily Strong) reminded Trump that it was only "a TV court."

"It's OK," Trump replied. "I'm a TV president."

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also went after Kellyanne Conway with a parody of Fatal Attraction, with Kate McKinnon's Conway playing the Glenn Close role.

The sketch focuses on CNN's Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) coming home from work after refusing to have Conway on as a guest because she's untrustworthy. However, when he walks through his front door, Conway is waiting for him in his apartment, she's got a knife, and she wants to know why he doesn't want her on the show anymore.

For more SNL antics, watch the clip below!