EXCLUSIVE: 'This Is Us' Cast Spills on Randall's Health Issues and the Final Four Episodes: 'You'll Need a Hug

Is Randall all right?!

Is Randall all right?!

It seems that each and every week, This Is Us throws another heart-wrenching hurdle at us, and now we're currently concerned with Randall's health. During a blink-and-you'll miss it moment in last week's episode of the smash NBC dramedy, Randall's hands shook viciously as he reached for a glass of water, and now we're left wondering what this means for the eldest Big Three sibling.

"You probably need to have some tissues," Sterling K. Brown warned to ET's Denny Directo over the weekend at the 49th annual NAACP Awards. "At the end of last week, Randall's hand was shaking and whatnot, so it doesn't get too much better."

Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Brown's on-screen wife Beth, confessed that all fans can do is "hope" that Randall's new health issues will resolve itself. "I can say that in next week's episode we will see what evolves out of that," she teased. "And I think from now until the end of the season, it's nonstop. I would put the seat belt on tight! It's going to be a nonstop ride."

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This week's all-new hour, which is ominously entitled "Jack Pearson's Son" will not only shed some light on Randall's current health status, it will also showcase a different facet to the character of Miguel, Jack's former best friend and future second husband to Rebecca.

'It's gonna happen this week for Miguel," star Milo Ventimilgia gushed. "I think there's a really beautiful moment for Jon Huertas' character for Miguel. I think it's a well-earned place in the Pearson clan, for Miguel. I really hope people embrace his character as much as the family as all of us have. He's Jack's best friend."

With only four episodes left in This Is Us' debut season, Ventimilgia promised that in true Pearson family tradition, there are going to be plenty of gut-wrenching twists!

"We're filming the last episode right now. Get ready!" he exclaimed. "I know, I feel like I've been saying that all year is 'Get ready!' but this one is really going to crush a couple people."

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"Going from 15, 16 to 17 to 18 it’s very heavy, poignant work," the Gilmore Girls alum added. "I'm excited for everyone to see it." So what's the one thing Ventimiglia suggests fans should have by their side? "Just make sure you're around your loved ones. You'll need a hug."

Speaking of loved ones, Justin Hartley dished that Kevin is "all in" when it comes to winning back the affections of his ex-wife Sophie, played by Alexandra Breckenridge."

"I think it's looking bright. She walked into the diner, so she agreed to have some kind of a dialogue with him. I think he's got a lot of work to do," he admitted. "I mean he obviously messed up, so there's that whole trust factor."

In last week's episode, it was revealed that a main contributor to their crumbling marriage was the fact that Kevin cheated on Sophie. "It's been a long time," Hartley defended. "Time heals sometimes, but it also makes you realize that's not what you wanted. We'll see what happens. I think it's probably up to her at this point."

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